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And Then The Sales Started Pouring In...

By Shahnaz Rauf
Posted Friday, November 5, 2004

Hey buddy, lets go shopping to the internet mall.

This shop looks cool c`mon lets step in. Goodness... why is the door so tight is the shop crowded?

Cool... look at that gaudy interior.

Yuks! those blinkers... It`s driving me crazy.

What are they selling?

C`mon let`s get out before I have a seizure.

This joint here looks more promising... Whew that`s better!

Hey...What the...

"Can we have your email address sir?"

But why... we have just come in, let us at least look around first?

"Well sir... It`s company policy that our customers first sign up to our mailing list before they can explore shop"

No... thank you then ...You see it`s my privacy...

"Sorry Sir, Company Policy".

Great... On to the next one then.

Wow look at that widget... Just what I need... And the price is right too.

Oh but you need to get Ma to select the color...

Come to think of it, better wait for the next paycheck.

Uh- Oh... then let’s take the business card, we will come back again.

What... No business card! Heck is this a business or what?

Goodness man! A business is a business is a business whether you do it offline or online there are certain codes of conduct to follow for sure fire success. What happens when a potential customer steps in to your realm?

Consider How would you feel say:

If you entered a shop and immediately felt uncomfortable, dizzy, lost in the chaos...

If you just stepped in to a shop and you are asked for your email address without being given the chance to look around first – I for one value my privacy and will rather step out then reveal my personal info. [The concept of mailing list/newsletter works well with information products but if you are selling other goods you need to do better]

If you entered a shop and saw a cool gadget but do not know why/ how to use it / where to use it / advantages etc. Will you buy it without a demo?

If you like the shop, you like the merchandise, but you are not ready to buy just yet, maybe you want to compare prices or you are waiting for your paycheck or you want your wife/husband/partner to approve of your choice... (any no of thousand and one reasons), so what do you do... you pick a business card and leave unobtrusively with the option to return later.

You like the shop, you like the gadget, but you do not need it, and you know your best friend is searching for it , so you are itching to tell him/ her about this rare find...

Or you like the shop, the product and buy it on the spot, but you would like further information about upgrades, customer service etc.

Goodness man! A business is a business is a business whether you do it offline or online there are certain codes of conduct to follow for sure fire success. Here are the bare essentials:

Enable a demonstration of your product... Haven`t you seen all those ads on TV showing you how various gadgets work? In online limbo this corresponds to an auto-responder series, for example: `How to conquer the world in five easy steps`... here you demonstrate the virtues of your widget. [You might even consider embedding video files in to your website for widget demo].

Provide a `non threatening` mailing list invitation to enable updates and customer service for confirmed/ interested customers.

Your ebusiness card / catalogue or viral give away– this should be absolutely free to go and not linked up to your mailing list.

Provide A Tell your friends script/e-card.

Make your customer feel relaxed, comfortable and welcome.

Next concentrate on getting targeted traffic to your e-shop. And then watch the sales start pouring in.

About the Author

Shahnaz Rauf is The Editor of The Monster Twister– a Newsletter helping ordinary web owners achieve extraordinary heights without losing their shirts. To Subscribe Or visit her website at (


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