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Building Your Downline Levels To Last

By Kellie Marzolf
Posted Friday, August 27, 2004

Downline programs can be a great opportunity for the average person to begin their business. These programs usually offer their own products and services that the member can use and benefit from while selling to other people.

When developing your downline you have to be prepared for the fact that it will not build exactly as you may want it to. As a downline sponsor, your main goal should be to build your downline "deep," as they call it, as opposed to "wide." Building your line too wide will only stretch you and your members too thin. In order to build your downline deep you must not only learn everything about your program, but you must also learn how to train and develop your first couple levels of downline so they will be able to train their first sponsor level. This will in turn help you benefit financially in the long run.

You have to develop a system that your members can not only duplicate, but can also pass on to their first level marketers. This system should be easy enough to pass on through several levels and ultimately help everyone understand what their job is as a sponsor to their members. If you do not work at placing a doable system in your downline, your group will eventually grow tired and disappear, leaving you to wonder what went wrong.

Most network marketers start off in these programs, attempting to sign up as many members as possible. Their attention should be directed towards getting a smaller number of first level downline members and fully training them to pass on your knowledge in order to make each level a solid, sustainable downline.

New marketers are often under the impression that if they get enough sign ups, a certain portion of those people will already possess the proper skills to sell the products or services and make their sponsor money. This is a big misconception, as your main job when involved with a downline program is to properly train your members so they can make you both money. They can not do this without proper guidance and help. That is the whole part of joining a program right? If you are unable to stand behind a product and sell it to others, how do you think you will be able to show someone else how to sell it and profit from the system?

As a recruiting sponsor, you should also remember the majority of people are not fond of selling, or have not been trained. They therefore lack the skills required to communicate properly. Teaching them to succeed at selling themselves and their products is up to you. If you are going to be involved in any downline program, you have got to be open to learning everything you can not only from the program but from your upline sponsors as well. They are sometimes a wealth of experience and information at your fingertips, so use them.

Generating leads on a regular basis is also another pitfall for many would be members. I can not stress enough how important it is to build and maintain a generated list of prospects. There are many programs you can look in to which will help you develop your own lists. You want to build trust in these lists because essentially these people may be the key to your internet profits.

Once you have acquired some downline members of your own, you want to start teaching them beneficial techniques which you have acquired in order to get them on your list. This will help them in developing their own system and downline members which will in turn benefit your entire structure. You want to share any knowledge you gain with your active members because this will help strengthen not only their trust in you, but your team groups several levels down.

So, your goal should really be to recruit a certain number of active members and help them in achieving the same goal. This will enable you to develop your downline while strengthening the ranks as you go. Building deep is the best method if you want to make a program a permanent income stream and your members are the key to this stream. It is the age old idea of quality over quantity. Remember, their success is your success.

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