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Posted Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Going into business is a hard decision to make for obvious reasons. The path to a successful business is littered with the remains of failed entrepreneurs. That path is made more treacherous when we lack knowledge. With the proper knowledge, we improve our odds and the chances of success. With internet business, the stakes are even higher. Hundreds of thousands go online each day with the hope of creating a living on the internet promise, just the same way that many leave, disappointed and heart broken. But that will not be your portion, because you are reading this simple article today.

Many fail on the internet because they do not understand how things work on the net. They approach the net with the same conventional business mindset- "build it and they will come." Fortunately and unfortunately, the internet works a little differently. Unfortunately, because we lack relevant knowledge and therefore doomed from the start and fortunately because once you understand how things work on the net, the rest is easy. And the good thing is that the formula is so simple that anyone with effort and some determination can be successful.

I am talking about the concept of CONTENT->TRAFFIC->PRESELL->MONETIZATION (CTPM). CTPM is a process created and thought by Ken Evoy in his Affiliate Masters Course, and the best part of it is that it is free For two good years, I tried to understand how to do business on the web. I read every emial course I could find and bought many ebooks I could afford and in the end all I got was bits and pieces of the internet puzzle. All that changes when I found Ken's Affiliate Masters Course. In five refreshing and easy to read instalments, Ken took me by the hand and walked me through the internet maze, from idea generation, to picking a profitable theme/concept, to content creation, traffic building, all the way to monetization. In five easy reads, the whole internet debacle, crystalized into a simple process of CONTENT, TRAFFIC, PRESELL AND MONETIZATION. It was like a revelation. In five days I had boiled down the whole internet business to CTPM, and it was all FREE.

Even though nothing is guaranteed, there is almost a sure thing about this process if you follow the path. Most who failed on the net, fail because they started at the end. They put the cart before the horse. They lacked knowledge. Relevant knowledge that is. But you are informed and must first build your CONTENT- relevant and quality content that is. It is only after you have built your content that you can then start building your TRAFFIC. And when you have built some traffic, you can then PRESELL and MONETIZE. It is that simple. Try it!

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Austin Akalanze is a poet, freelance writer, and webmaster. Read more at (


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