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Create a powerful first impression with a professional logo design

By Alif Wahab
Posted Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Why does your company need a professional logo design? There are several answers to that question.

Your business today faces a hard time competing amongst other established big corporates. Your company faces a difficulty in distinguishing your services or products from the crowd and creating a good first impression.

A great solution to this dilemma is investing in a quality professional logo design and corporate identity. A good logo can do wonders for your business. A quality logo design based on your company's strength and unique selling proposition

1. Create a powerful and long lasting impression on your potential customers.

2. Gives a professional look to your company and builds credibility.

3. Communicates to people why your company is unique and different from your competitors.

4. Builds your brand and creates loyal customers.

A professional logo design creates a powerful and long lasting impression on your potential customers. They'll see your logo and will think, "wow, what's that?". This builds their curiosity and makes them want to enquire more about your product or services.

A professional logo design also gives an air of professionalism to your business. Even if you're a new company, impressing people with your professional logo will often convince your future clients that you're serious in your business and of establishing your identity.

Moreover, a professional logo design means you have a unique identity that stands out from the rest. Your customer can easily identify you and have a quick idea of what your company is about, and what your strength is. Some might say that
this is a form of 'preselling', and your clients will be confident on your product or services.

However, a good corporate identity is more than just a logo. All your promotional and company materials must reflect your company's vision, ethics and uniqueness. It helps reinforce your company's image to your potential customers and
creates easy brand recognition.

About the Author
Alif Wahab is the director of a multidisciplinary design firm, Uniqon Design Services. The firm specializes in Income-Generating Design Solutions for Businesses. Visit ( for more info.


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