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Creating Your Own Internet Marketing Success Story

By Marty Foley
Posted Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Many would-be successful Netpreneurs are dabbling, instead of taking their online business efforts seriously. Such dabbling is manifested in various ways.

For example, some are on an endless quest for free services. Now don't get me wrong; using free services is fine, up to a point. I do so at times myself.

But take domain names, for example. A person can sign up for free web sites offered all over the Internet. They may reason "Why pay for a web site if I can get one (or dozens) for free?"

Granted, free web sites may serve useful purposes at times, such as in funneling traffic to another site. Such reasoning is "penny wise and pound foolish," however, if it hinders or prevents a person from investing in a serious web presence that includes their own domain name.

It's been proven time and again that getting your own domain name is a smart move for those with a web presence. The cost is miniscule compared to the added credibility, name recognition and other benefits that one can bring. (For a couple of articles I've written on the crucial importance of domain names, visit: (

Many that are trying to establish a credible web presence through free sites readily admit that it would be wise to get their own domain name, but they tend to put if off until tomorrow. For some, tomorrow never arrives.

The situation is similar when it comes to accepting credit cards with a merchant account. Sure, there are initial setup expenses, but most find that sales dramatically increase when they accept credit cards.

In tandem with accepting credit cards, offering customers the option to place credit card orders online through a secure server is also a great asset to a large percentage of successful online entrepreneurs. I can personally attest to this, since the vast majority of my sales are through secure online credit card transactions.

What if we simply can't afford to invest in certain aspects of our online business? We can set up a budget and start setting money aside for such investments. Most of us can also find ways to cut back on frivolous spending. Once we start to generate revenue, it's a good idea to plow a good percentage of it back into the business, when possible.

I'm not saying that those who only use free sites aren't serious about online business, but a good percentage of their prospects will perceive that to be the case. Such perceptions might as well be reality, since the result can be the same: lost business.

Nor am I saying that spending more money on your business will automatically bring success, but the following viewpoint might help keep things in perspective: If something increases your profits more than it costs, it could be considered a wise investment that pays for itself, rather than an expense.

Taking business seriously also means being reliable, doing our best to do what we say we're going to do, when we say we're going to do it (although, admittedly, no business is perfect).

It also means replying to questions that prospects ask about our products and services in a prompt fashion, preferably answering emails within 24 hours, if possible.

There are lots of other little ways that Netpreneurs like us can show that we're serious about our online business, day in and day out.

Dabbling is fine - for dabblers. But once we decide to take the bull by the horns and get serious about our online business, we're a step closer to earning some serious profits.

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