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Crossing The Chasm To On-line Success

By Willie Crawford
Posted Friday, September 10, 2004

Bill Phillips, in his excellent book "Body for Life," likens making the life-style changes necessary to build a healthier body to crossing a deep, dark chasm. Before you cross this chasm, it often looks like a very daunting task. Once you get started, doing what you need to do soon becomes a habit that requires very little effort.

Building a successful on-line business also involves crossing a deep, dark chasm where you must make doing just a few things that you need to do regular "habits." There is really little more involved in achieving success after you've done the proper research than "crossing the chasm."

Just as getting started turning a body suffering from years of neglect into a picture of health can appear nearly impossible at first, so can your building an on-line business that generates a six or seven-figure income.

My friend, and author of the best seller "The Super Affiliate Handbook," Rosalind Gardner, once pointed out how simple it was doing an interview which was a part of the JV Alert Perpetual Learning Series. She said it's like when you want to lose that extra 10 pounds and all you really need to do is just start walking! The fact is that so few people just "start walking."

People who want to build their own on-line businesses rarely suffer from a lack of ideas. In-fact, most have too many ideas. Because they have too many ideas, they can't focus and choose which idea to start on first. The solution is of course to just choose one idea and "start walking." Usually, it makes the most sense to choose the idea that fits in with the most of your long-term objectives to start on first.

Sometimes, it takes choosing a smaller project to get started on - and complete - first. This "finally getting something done" can generate the momentum and cause you to dare starting other larger projects.

One of the tools in Bill Phillips' book that helps to keep you on-target, if your goal is a new health body, is a workout partner. If you have someone that you know is waiting to meet you at the gym or track, then you have little choice but to show up ready for the workout - no matter how unmotivated you may feel on some days.

Being accountable to someone else, and knowing that they're depending upon you, helps you stick with a new pattern long enough for it to become a habit. That why professionals in many fields have coaches or managers. They possess the talent but need someone to keep them focused or directed.

You can use the same principle in your on-line business. Simply form a partnership or joint venture with someone where completing one of your projects is part of the deal. This added accountability, and knowing that someone is depending upon you to do your part, will force you to do things until they become new habits.

Working with a mentor or coach in your on-line business can have the same effect of keeping you focused and moving forward. A good coach or manager, who is also a good match for you, will provide you with as much prodding and guidance as necessary.

Crossing that chasm really is little more than forming new habits that you KNOW you need to form in the first place. For some people, one of those habits is actually learning how to be wealthy and successful. Many of us have a "poverty mentality" that we need to break free from first. That was a mentality that I personally had to shake off.

Cultivating the success mentality involves feeding your mind the proper instructions and teaching it to think like a person who IS wealthy and successful. A highly-recommend aid to properly retraining your mind is the best-selling course, "Know How To Be Rich" by Dr. Robert Anthony. You can find it at: ( You must get in the HABIT of feeding your mind the proper nutrition just as you should feed your physical body the proper building materials.

Just as for teh person getting back in shape, mindset is one of the first flaws most of us need to correct. If you look in the mirror and tell yourself that "it's useless" then you'll never start. Instead, read the success stories of people just like you who've already done what you intend to do. Seeing that ordinary people CAN achieve what at first seems extraordinary has a way of spurring you to get started. For that reason, I have all of my consulting clients read John Evans best-seller, Success Alert which you can read about at (

Once you get started, it's fairly easy to keep going. Keep going, or keep doing anything new long enough, and it becomes a habit. Develop the habit of doing those seemingly difficult things that you know you need to do, and before you know it you will find yourself on the other side of that chasm!

About the Author
Willie Crawford has been teaching others how to build successful on-line businesses since late 1996. Frequently featured in radio, magazine and newspaper articles and interviews, Willie teaches the average guy what the top marketers are doing but seldom talking about. Discover more of Willie's proven success secrets at: (


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