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Duplication is the Name of The Game

By Jennifer Stewart
Posted Saturday, September 4, 2004

There's a quiz-games show that's popular in a number of countries at the moment - it's called, "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"

Single contestants answer a series of questions and the prize money simply doubles in each round. The first question is worth $1,000, the next $2,000, then $4,000 and so on - in just eleven rounds, $1,000 becomes $1,000,000!

Round Prize

1 $1,000

2 $2,000

3 $4,000

4 $8,000

5 $16,000

6 $32,000

7 $64,000

8 $125,000 *

9 $250,000

10 $500,000

11 $1,000,000

* They round this down from $128,000 so that the final prize is an even million. This shows the awesome power of duplication - just by doubling each figure, you can reach one million in only eleven steps. Think of how you can use this in your business - you represent the original prize of $1,000; you tell just two people about your product, they each tell two people and so on. It will only take eleven steps for your business to explode in the same way as the prize money on the quiz show. Everyone knows more than two people - make it your part of your daily routine to tell at least two people every day about your business or product. Then you can set the whole process in motion every single day! There are numerous opportunities in a day to chat to people, although there will be certain days when you come into contact with more people - perhaps you play squash or touch footy one night - you'll meet more people on these occasions than the nights you sit at home.

Here are some random thoughts to get you started - these are occasions when you can strike up a conversation with people you happen to be with:

- Waiting for trains, buses, taxis - we humans are a gregarious lot, we like talking to each other and finding out what others are doing and thinking. Talk about what you do, if the other person shows an interest, ask for a phone number or offer yours, so you can follow up.

- In supermarket check out lines, waiting in bank queues, lining up to buy tickets for the movies etc

- When collecting your children from music practice, basketball training, ballet classes etc

- After playing or coaching any sport

- At football, tennis etc games - chat to those sitting next to you

These are all people you either don't know, or people you don't know very well - now think of the people you do know:

- Work mates and colleagues

- Parents of your children's friends

- Neighbours

- Old school friends

- People you play sport with

- Fellow enthusiasts or hobbyists

- People who do volunteer work for the same charity or school group

- Members of your own church

- Those who provide professional services for you (dentist, doctor, accountant etc)

- Those who provide other services (mechanic, gardener, cleaner, window washer etc)

- Shop-keepers you deal with regularly (butcher, baker etc)

- Owners of other businesses you patronise (hardware store, computers, dress shops etc)

When you think about it - you have a ready-made network of potential buyers for your product or service. These are people who already know you and with whom you have established credibility - these are also the ideal people to enlist to help you tell others about your business. Referrals are the proven way to do business - encourage everyone you know to either buy your product or to refer their friends. Remember, duplication is the name of the game!

About the Author
Jennifer Stewart has had her own Internet-based business since 1998 and has clients from every continent (except Antarctica!) Find out how to set up your own home based business: Visit: ( and subscribe to FREE, weekly Writing Tips:


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