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Enough About Me

By Karen E. Hipp
Posted Saturday, October 2, 2004

You want your business to be successful, right? It's easy! All you have to do is remember four little words: It's all about me. Me, me and more me! Because that is why people buy your products and services. "If I buy this, what's in it for me? What need of mine will this satisfy?" It seems so simple. But most businesses forget this because they're way too busy thinking "What's in it for me?" (Not for the customer). You're a customer. When you buy something are you thinking "I'll buy this product because I really want to make this owner wealthy and happy?" No. But business owners attempt to sell their product this very way. "I want the money!" Pardon me, but your ego is showing.

Slow down Mr. Gotrocks. Take a moment to find out what your product has to offer the potential customer.

"If I buy your product, will it make me wealthy? Healthy? Beautiful? Free up some time? Make my life easier? Satisfy my ego? Fulfill a basic need?

Every buying decision made is based on how we feel about it. So, you're not selling haircuts, you're selling beauty. You're not selling entertainment; you're selling happiness. You're not selling plumbing services; you're selling trust. It's how the customer feels after they've made a purchase which determines if you get their business again.

As a marketing consultant, I'm not selling marketing services; I'm selling wealth. If I take my eyes off the target, I'm almost sure to fail. So, my image messages should always promote this fact. Instead of a headline that says, "I have 20 years experience in marketing", it should say, "I'm going to help you make a lot of money." Bingo! Which headline would attract your attention? I've analyzed why someone would buy my product, then cut to the chase. Then I back that up with testimonials and gaining their trust.

Let's say you sell art supplies. Which advertising message appeals to you? "Our paint brushes are made of the finest quality of natural fibers." Or, "Our paint brushes could make you the next Picasso." See? If you can get inside your customer's mind to see what he or she is thinking, then you'll be far ahead of your competition!

Don't do a lot of advertising? That's O.K. the goal is to understand why they want the product before they buy it. Then you can use key words in your selling approach! I'll never forget that I went shopping for a new outfit for a date with a guy that I had been wanting to go out with for a long time. I tried on a couple of different things and came out of the dressing room to see myself in the mirror. I must have had the look on my face of "How do I look in this outfit" as I was preening and turning in the mirror because the salesman came over and said, "Your boyfriend is going to love you in that outfit." Wham! I couldn't get my plastic out fast enough.

You too can be a "psychic." Just keep those 4 magical words in mind…It's all about me!"

About the Author
Karen E. Hipp is a nationally awarded off-line marketing strategist and small business consultant. She offers practical marketing help for business owners, managers and marketers looking for fresh ideas. She is author of Do-It-Yourself Marketing", an ebook for marketing survival. Sign up for her free marketing newsletter at ( or reach her by email at


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