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Explain EXACTLY What It Means To Be An Internet Entrepreneur

By Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian
Posted Wednesday, September 15, 2004

... & Gain Support From Your Spouse, Parents, Children & Friends You're ALWAYS sitting in front of that #$!@* computer!

As an Internet entrepreneur, struggling to get your "work from home" business up and running, how often have you heard the words?

From a spouse, a parent, a child, a friend - everyone. And if you haven't yet, you soon will :)

The first few times, you can brush it off with a short: "I'm working". But it gives you a tiny feeling of guilt.

And after the accusation has been repeated many times, it's not that easy to push aside. Ignore it too often and you risk
creating an aura of resentment and anger, one with potential to destroy your fledgling online venture as surely as a late
frost kills the first shoots of spring.

You need an answer. A good one.

To find the right things to say, you first need to define the unasked questions. What...? Why...? Who...? How...? And most important, When...?

Tell Them Exactly WHAT You Do

Most people have no idea at all about working on the Net. They probably think you exchange funny stories, gawk at dirty
pictures and gamble - or worse - as you surf the Web.

Make a genuine effort to explain what you do as an online businessperson. Describe your work from home business - what you sell, who buys from you, and how you make it happen.

Even if you're doing it as a hobby, working in your spare time or from your bedroom wearing pajamas, it's a business you're building. Your competition does this for their living - even employs people who depend on it for their income.

Explain WHY You Do It

Are you working to earn a little extra cash, to give you those little luxuries you can't afford with your day job? Or is your
dream to give your boss the sack and work from home on your own business full-time? Perhaps you're just looking for some extra "mad money", or another outlet for your energy and drive.

Describe WHO You Really Are

I've been a doctor for over 15 years. Yet when my little girl has a cough or cold, the first thing my wife and mom say is:
"Shall we take her to the doctor?"

I'm perceived as 'husband' and 'son'. Not as a 'doctor'. You too are NOT seen as the budding Bill Gates or future Jeff Bezos who smiles back when you look in a mirror. You'll have to work on it!

Reveal HOW It All Works

It may seem perfectly clear to you. But to an outsider, your tall claims of being a major marketer selling to a global customer base seem like drug-inspired dreams of a raving maniac!

Show them how technology enables you to do what big corporations do - without the hassle, overhead or man-power.

Say WHEN You're Going To Get Results

Let's face it - if you made $50,000 a month from your work from home business, no one's going to ask you why you're sitting in front of your computer. If anything, they're going to send you right back to it when you try to leave!

So tell them when this rosy dream is going to come true.

Don't promise the moon - if you can't deliver it. You don't want to have this conversation again in a couple of weeks from

But don't be too pessimistic either. Instead, be a realist. It's hard work - but you're going to make it. Maybe in a year. Or a few months. Until then, you need patience - and support.

It takes time and effort to help the significant people in your circle - spouse, kids, parents, family, and friends - understand
exactly what you do in your work from home business. But the payoff in terms of appreciation, acceptance and support makes it well worth doing.

Go for it!

Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian

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