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Five Outstanding Free Resources to Grow Your Online Business TODAY!

By Pam Renovato
Posted Monday, October 11, 2004

If you have been doing business on the Internet for long, you know that you can spend a lot of time searching. Searching for all sorts of things. You may have even found that you spend 10 times the amount of time searching as you do promoting or creating. If this is true for you--and I am sure it is--it doesn't have to be true anymore!

What you are reading is your opportunity to stop searching and start promoting. Let someone else do the searching for you! Every week, we will list "Five Free Marketing Resources You Can Use to Grow Your Online Business TODAY." Each week this list will be completely different from the previous week. I promise you, you won't want to miss it! So, be sure and return every week to see what great things we come up with. On to the list...

1. Marketing discussion boards are a great way to get help and network with other Webmasters. If you participate (ask questions/give advice--Never advertise) often, they are also a good way to get traffic. Chayden Bates has started a new discussion board at his site. It is a great board! The response time is outstanding. Visit the board here: ( (You may have to cut and paste the above URL.)

2. If you enjoy the board listed above, here is a huge list of other marketing boards for you to visit and participate in.

3. By now, I am sure you have noticed all of those beautiful covers that people are using to promote their ebooks and other products. Those images really add credibility to your ebook or product. There are a number of services that will create those covers for you for a fee of anywhere from $29.95 to $115. A very affordable cost really. But if you need more than one image, that can get pricey. There are also a number of tutorials that will teach you to create those images yourself. Also worth every penny. But... here is an outstanding free ebook cover creation tutorial! It will teach you to create images just like the pros. This tutorial is every bit as good as the ones that are for sale. (

4. If you have an ebook for sale, you can list it at IMarketing Resource free. You need to provide information on how visitors can purchase your ebook through you. In the future they will implement a pay system and pay you 60% royalties to accept payments for you.

5. There is a new ebook Website. If you have an ebook related site, resources, or have written an ebook, you can list it here free. They also have ebook lists you can join while there. Ebook News--for announcing your new ebooks, and Ebook Talk--for discussing ebook ideas and concepts.

Well, that is all for this time. I hope that we have allowed you to take back some of your time searching for resources. Perhaps now you can spend your time doing other things that require your attention. Don't forget to check back to make use of the free resources we will continue to add to (

About the Author
Pam Renovato is the Webmaster of "Internet Marketing With TEETH!" ( She invites you to participate in the free affiliate program at ( and receive a free copy of "Creative Product Creation." This ebook sells for $17 with full resell rights and will only be available free until April 27th, 2001.


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