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How To Create A Stream Of Income

By Ender Baynazoglu
Posted Monday, November 8, 2004

I must say a lot of people today dream to live a comfortable life but most of them don’t do anything to fulfill that dream. I was one of those people myself until not long ago. It seemed as though there was a way to total abundance in life but I just never got to really focus on that particular area. Maybe for most of us it just seems like pie in the sky, and maybe for others just pure “could not be bothered” mentality.

What if you could take control of your destiny? What if there really was a way to live in total abundance like we all dream of? These questions and many more were constantly floating around in my head, taking me from one state of mind to another. I never got to fully understand my expectations and figure out a way to approach them with a particular strategy.

My life got to the point where I figured that one must plan their life out in order to achieve true success and fulfillment. Instead of just letting the day float by, doing unnecessary activities, with a little planning, a day can well and truly turn into a productive one. Even when you add up a ‘few’ days of productive activity you may be pleasantly surprised how much more you can accomplish.

Figuring out that planning is a necessity in our daily lives, I started writing down my thoughts and plans more frequently. Did you know that ‘just’ by writing down your thoughts, you could enhance your productivity and effectiveness dramatically? I started seeing things much differently doing so.

The next best thing other than living an experience is to see it in your minds eye. In other words using your imagination. This is when I discovered the beauty of NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming). By simply visualizing events you’d like to experience, gets you closer to the actual thing. This is the basic concept behind NLP. I figured, the more often you visualize something, the more you get closer to physically living it. Adding the concept of planning with visualizing, I had the perfect recipe for achieving what I desire.

Creating a stream of income isn’t all that hard like many of us think it is. As I have mentioned earlier, by planning our days a little, I’m sure most of us can find a spare two or three hours a day. How much more can you accomplish if you knew you had set aside that time each and every day? If you were to think like me, you’d get excited to believe that you have the chance to add an extra stream or two or more of income.

With todays growing use of technology, more and more people are looking at ways to use the internet to create that additional stream of income mentioned earlier. The internet is an amazing tool that every potential entrepreneur or home business owner should closely consider utilizing. With the two to three hours created by planning each day, the internet is the perfect place to use that time to build your very own stream of income (or multiple streams).

When starting out on the internet don’t rush into things, but rather check out your options and see which affiliate programs and possible virtual franchises are available. Being involved in a business that triggers your senses in a positive way, leaves you with a better chance to succeed in the long run. Believing in a program will ensure you to get past the times when things are going tough.

Go to search engines and do searches on business opportunities, compensation plans, support provided by particular companies. Make sure you know what you are getting into and believe that you will succeed in a given period of time. Don’t expect to become a millionaire in a few months but do expect with a couple of years of consistent 2 hours or so work a day, you could be earning well into the 4 figures (possibly 5!).

Make no mistake that planning is the key to any success. Before you do anything make sure you change your attitude first. Then start planning your daily life to create a couple of hours to utilize. Once that accomplished, use the most incredible tool ever created on earth, the internet, to create a stream of income so you can live in total abundance.

Copyright 2004 Ender Baynazoglu

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