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How to Join the 5% of Internet Business Real Money Making Pro's

By Dr. Charles Longsworth
Posted Wednesday, October 6, 2004

On the Internet business world today, you've probably heard that only an estimated 5% of netpreneurs, webmasters, or affiliates, are making any real money. If youre not one of them, then read on and learn how you can make it too.

So, who are the real money makers? What theyre doing that youre not, or doing it differently?

Is it because theyre selling a high in-demand product from their own websites? Or, only referring prospects to an affiliate merchant partner? Is it because theyre selling to a tight niche or to a broader market segment? And if so, would the difference strive in different marketing campaigns?

Whatever be your answers, they are either all wrong or all right, depending on the nature of your business, the product or service itself, the marketing methods, and the lead generation. The variables could be infinite within each context.

Whatever be the reasons, two things stands out as common denominators among internet money makers. One, solid knowledge base about doing business on the net; the other, the business, marketing, and traffic generations used to support their success.

Thats true, regardless of the product or service they're selling, either as webmasters or affiliates, and whether its to a niche or a broad market.

The successful netprenuers, either selling products of their own or as affiliates, have (a) a website that really sells, (b) set up an automated search engine traffic generating system (c) designing and automating multiple marketing campaigns according to the nature of their business, products, or markets; and (d) set up a database automation system for customer service, and to follow up on their prospects to explode their back end sales

If youre not getting the anticipated desired results with your internet business, that doesnt mean you can't be one of the elite--you just need to arm yourself with the right knowledge and tools that will allow you to strive and compete successfully.

The flexibility and freedom of an online business may seem very appealing, but for most, reality isn't nearly so rosy. Even so, people still dream about quitting their jobs and heading on to making a living with an internet business of their own. That is because of one word: possibilities.

We've all thought the same thing. However, along with the hazards and potential for failure, comes a very real and distinct light at the end of the tunnel. What if you could be part of that 5% who are making a great living? Isn't it worth a shot? Yes!

So, with a 5% success rate, how do you improve your chances? Doing as the big hitters do. First

* Learning the Pros insiders secrets to setup your internet business; and
* How-to marketing online-offline your business, products or services.
* Becoming familiar with the nature of your business, products.
* Defining your market, global or local, and how to reach it.
* Identifying your products benefits and your unique selling proposition.
* Learning basic and advance copy-writing techniques.
* Building, optimizing, and re-submitting content focused web(site) pages
* Automating a link exchange campaigns, to drive target traffic.
* Automating your prospect and customer follow-up for back end sales.
* Setting up a relationship and database marketing automation system for multiple-simultaneous marketing campaigns.

You're probably thinking that business and marketing automation is easier said than done. This is true, but with the right guidance from an expert, you can make automation work for you.

In fact, it may be easier to implement than you think. If you can get help on how to set up and automate your business, you will greatly enhance your chances for success; and, in most cases, regardless of the nature of your business, or the product you are selling.

There are many online firms specializing in helping Internet Business people automate their businesses and streamline themselves for success. They give the kind of advice suggesting the most adequate tools and resources to set up and manage your business to market and sell your products or services.

The entire process can be painless, and quicker than you ever thought possible. Plus, when you're finished, your business will be easier to run and far more profitable.

If you're seeking to join the 5% that are really making it on the Web, you must come up with an automated, comprehensive and scalable, business management and marketing automation system appropriate to your business, products, or markets, to generate a continuous flow of warm, willing, and ready to buy motivated prospects.

Only then, youll have the foundation to become successful on the Web, independently of the product or service youre selling, or the markets youre selling too; because, every product is marketable and sellable in todays global markets and global economy.

That is, if youre set up to right to position yourself to join the successful internet money makers.

About the Author
Dr. Charles Longsworth, Ph.D., a consultant on marketing automation systems that works, and publisher of Automation Gazette his official voice since 2000. For free consultation visit and fill-in the Contact Form at ( Subscribe at ( 6 gifts when you join.


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