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How to Pick a Profitable Business Opportunity

By Joann Allin
Posted Monday, September 13, 2004

There has never been a better time to start your own business. The incredible power of the Internet, email, fax, and advanced cell phones give start-ups and home-based businesses the ability to do the work of an entire organization.

If you don't already have a product or skill you can sell, your best bet could be tapping into a good business opportunity. These ready-to-go businesses usually come with plenty of support like education, sales materials, marketing strategies, web sites, and a recognizable name.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of pitfalls that could sour anyone's dream of starting their own business. Watch for these key elements when searching for a business opportunity that will make money.

1. The opportunity must offer at least one popular product or service that a great many people need. It helps if there is a significant segment that REALLY wants the product.

2. Most opportunities charge fairly high prices in order to make room for your commission. There has to be a smart balance, though. If the price is too high, customers will stay away. If your opportunity's product or service is available elsewhere, make sure the price you charge will be competitive.

3. Choose an opportunity where you have the ability to add value by providing service to your customers. There is hardly anything that somebody can't sell cheaper. With many consumers using programs that automatically search the Net for the lowest price, you need a way to personally provide special service.

4. You need a solid, affordable way to promote your opportunity. Just as you must believe in the product you are selling, you must also be comfortable with the marketing method that works best to sell your product. People who are shy in groups shouldn't go with an opportunity that forces them to knock on doors. If you love to get email from prospects, look at an opportunity that appeals to Internet users.

Whatever opportunity you chose to start your own business, remember only those who work hard and are persistent reach the top. Expect to build slowly at first. Then stay with the program to reach your goals and, for many, exceed your wildest expectations.

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