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How to succeed in Online Multilevel Marketing

By Joel Teo
Posted Thursday, September 2, 2004

Are you feeling down? Is your online marketing campaign for your Multi-level marketing business not going on as well as you would like it to do? Here are some long term strategies to grow your business

1. Develop a rich content site
Multi-Level Marketing success depends on two elements, sales and recruitment. Your website should be focused on telling others about your online business. But if you have been online marketing for a while, you would know that the search engines are quite saturated with work from home business websites and home business sites so you job is to find some hobby area that you are interested in and then plan your website around that area. Your job therefore is to inter-space your website with links to your home business. Your job is to generate clickthroughs and leads to your multi-level marketing program. Your Multilevel Marketing Campaign would see a breakthrough in the number of leads if you have an increase in search engine traffic to your website. Spend time writing and planning for your website and writing articles and content for your website before you get your web design done by yourself or a professional.

2. Develop an opt in list
Once you gain the ability to write articles about your multilevel marketing business, you should have pop-ups in your page and an opt in box to allow people to opt in to receive your e-zine list. This list is key to allow you to convert more of your readers. By establishing a relationship with your readers and as they know more about you, they will be more likely to purchase some of your multilevel marketing products that you might recommend to them. Subscribe to an autoresponder and place a web form on your website, this would allow you to automate unsubscribe requests. You can send your E-zines at a predetermined frequency by using the broadcast function. Multi-level marketing can also be viral, just include stuff that people would love to forward from your newsletter and this would get you more subscribers and you can tell them about your multi-level marketing business.

3. Start a linking campaign
Search Engine traffic from Google represents most of the traffic to your website that you should be focused on initially and then web traffic from other websites will represent some of your web-traffic. Google uses the number of in bound links to your website as a key component to calculate Pagerank for your website which in turn determines your rankings on the search engines.

Place a link on your home page to your link page and then you can start your reciprocal link campaign. Do a Google search on the keyword that you optimized your page for and then send an email asking for a link from the website. Remember some top sites may not want to link to you if you just start out, but persist and when your pagerank increases they will link to you.

4. Submit to search engines and directories
Another way is to submit your site to all online search engines and the directory for your website's theme. If for instance your site is all about classical music, you would want to submit your site to a classical music directory. So in our case, you would want to hunt for a multi-level marketing directory to submit to.

In conclusion, work hard at optimizing your website for the search engines with your web designer and you will succeed in driving targeted traffic to your multilevel marketing online business that you are currently promoting. Remember work hard now and not only will you not pay for advertising but when your website is up and running with some Search Engine Traffic, you will be collecting advertisement fees instead.

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