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How Top Network Marketers Build Success

By Joe Bingham
Posted Saturday, October 30, 2004

Personally, I believe in the power of network marketing. I believe it is a wonderful idea as it makes business success more readily available to the average person -- with or without previous business experience or education.

However, it is not the average person who enjoys huge success atop a powerful network marketing organization.

Unfortunately, there has been too much misinformation, dishonesty, and of course, our old friend 'hype' involved in the business.

Still, as with anything, there is truth behind the hype that can show you the way to real success.

However, despite how 'easy' everyone who is desperate to recruit you into their business will tell you it is, it's not. It takes time. It takes knowledge. It takes confidence. But most importantly it takes a PLAN.

Those largely successful in network marketing, no matter the company, have several things in common.

1. They believe whole heartedly in the company they work with and the products or services it markets.

You cannot succeed in network marketing if you are only a money seeker and do not genuinely care about the company you chose to work with and use the products or services it markets for yourself. Hands down, don't argue with this one, just trust me.

I know there are a few 'slick' individuals that can sell anything and seem to make it work for them, but unless that's how you want to be you'll just have to find a company you actually like and are happy to be associated with.

2. They have, and SHOW, a confidence in themselves and their ability to succeed.

People are attracted to others who are successful or have confidence in what they are doing. Everyone is looking to increase their wealth or position in life and will only listen to others they see as being able to help them in doing just that.

3. They know their products, their business plan, and the likely objections they will face from the people to whom they will present them.

Ever see someone who is high up in a network marketing organization that didn't know their stuff? Do you think they know their stuff because they are high up in the organization or do you think they knew it first and that was what helped them to get there? Think about it.

4. They have a well defined system in place for obtaining leads on people that may be interested in what they offer.

Honestly, this can be the hardest part. This is where either your time, talent, or money is required, and likely all three. To succeed at network marketing, you must have a constant flow of new leads. You must set up a system that puts you in contact with others on a continuing basis.

5..They have a well defined system for taking those leads through an information process about their products and/or business plan.

Make a plan. Know what you are going to say to people when you first introduce them to your product or business. Include ways to interest them into taking the next step in finding out more. Know what that next step is so you are prepared to show it to them when they are ready. Take them through your information process and then ask them to make a decision on the information you have given them.

At some point, you're going to have to look for a commitment from your leads. Are they going to buy product or join your organization or not?

6. They know where to spend most of their time and effort.

Most people you present a network marketing business plan to will not be interested. Some will show interest, but never commit. Others will commit, but then not do much. One in a hundred or more will become a valuable part of your organization.

You cannot treat all prospects the same. Know where your greatest potential lies and spend the most time with it. I don't mean this to sound as if you shouldn't care about the others you talk to, just that those with the most interest deserve more of your time --- for both their good and yours.

Obviously, the Internet and the tools it provides can help you to automate much of a network marketing business. However, I believe you still need to keep it personal. Stay involved, know your stuff, and be there to make it real for the people who want to work with you.

A network marketing opportunity can make you rich, but first you must enrich it.

In other words, you'll get out of it what you put in to it. However, by it's basic design it can bring you more reward for your efforts than other business plans.

Which just means it's worth your time to learn, plan, and do it the right way. To succeed will take time and commitment.

Plan for it.

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About the Author
written by Joe Bingham of For more 'Straight Edge' information about succeeding in Network Marketing, download Joe Bingham's FREE e-book "A Cynic's Guide To Understanding Internet Marketing" ( Go Now!


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