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How You Can Sell Online Like The Gurus Do

By Bayani Luis T. Gervacio
Posted Tuesday, September 14, 2004

You must’ve seen websites owned by folks who claim to have made lots of money on the Net and in double quick time at that.

Are these claims true? Well, who knows for sure? One thing is certain.
Not all those claims are false.

Have you personally tried to sell on the Net? I have and believe me, it’s not all that easy. I did succeed in making some sales—but not as much as I really expected to make.

I went from program to program and tried FFA sites, classified ads, etc. with very modest results

I found this very frustrating since I knew that there were other folks online who were doing very well.

“What are they doing right? “ I wondered.

Well, luckily for me I recently got hold of an e-course that not only showed me how the gurus make their big bucks online it also happens to be the first complete, duplicable system that anyone can use to do what the gurus do.

You wanna know their “secret” too?

Okay here we go:

Drum roll......

Just this: The gurus SELL TO THEIR OWN OPT-IN LISTS.

They don’t sell on the OPEN MARKET the way the majority of internet marketers do.

Consider this:

Let’s assume that two guys offer you the same product—say a nutritional supplement. One fella is someone you know and trust. The other one is a stranger.

Whom will you buy from?

Did I hear you say: “I’d buy from the fellow I know and trust”?

Now let’s go online. There are two identical emails in your inbox with the same subject line. One is from a friend of yours.The other one is from a complete stranger.

Whose email will you open? Whose email will you delete?

Get the point?

Without rapport between you and your online prospect your chances of making a sale are small.

Having a targeted opt-in list of people who know you, like you, believe you, and trust you is having the Internet equivalent of a warm market.

It will always be easier to sell to your opt-in list compared to selling on the open market where folks don’t know and trust each other.

Okay so what do we do next?

Just this. I suggest you review the various programs on the Net that help you build your own opt-in list. There are several of these online.

Join the program you think is best for you. Be sure it isn't just a front for the program owner's deals that he wants to sellto you after you join the listbuildingsystem.

Be sure it has the potential to be self-duplicating and self-funding and that it can recruit for you automatically.

See if you think it can get your email opened and even anticipated.

Be sure it will work for your network or affiliate marketing business if you are already in one.

But if you're not already in one, that's even better, because the best thing to do is to start building your list first.

Don’t be in a hurry. There is a time to plant. And there is a time to harvest.

Strive to build a warm and friendly relationship with the people on your list based on mutual trust and respect.

Only after you have built your own list should you start to market anything.

And when you do please remember that the people on your opt-in list are your friends.

So offer them only high quality products and services such as the kind you would purchase for your own use.

If you do this, you’ll be selling online the way the gurus do.

And YOU can be making the money!

About the Author
Bayani Luis "Steve" Gervacio is an Internet marketer using a listbuilding system as the foundation for building his primary online business. Email:

Free eCourse unlike anything anywhere builds the relationships that build business for you. Get it at (


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