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Job and Career Success

By Greg Keins
Posted Saturday, September 4, 2004

This article describes effective methods for career development and points to helpful online services. Overview of job banks and employment services, self marketing, resume tips creation, cover letter, interview with employer tips, part time jobs, services offering online job and more.

Present day with internet expanding to almost every human field many classical stuff that exists in past, starting to transform wildly. This is for sure held by common civilization progress and IT industry rapid development especially. There almost no any single person on Earth that wont heard about internet and most of people already used it at least once. Many services found good reflection on the net. Best example is ebay auction, it is excellent place for international goods exchange, people from all over the world got possibility to sell many different merchandise to each other, this was not possible few years before. Similar to lot of other human fields, many new services come to show in one or other form.. Career market is one of them.

Job Boards

Very similar by way its working to employment agencies. Top job boards holds huge resume databases posted by prospective job seekers and have connections with lot of internationally located employers. Usually registered job seeker or employer have access to entire database and can review job opening details or job seeker cv with previous experience and qualifications. Some board are free other require initial payment or payment per single service, for example spreading your CV to hundreds or even thousands of job posting networks. This is always a good practice to have your CV published in one or more of such boards to be at least up to date with current state in your filed. And know also what worth experts of your type and experience level currently. Below are listed most popular boards:

Paid Job Boards


Free Job Boards


Usenet Job Newsgroups

This is oldest job and career resource, newsgroups existed before internet was worldwide available and make possible to post announcements on a free basis. Newsgroups are similar to forums by it concept but they holds much more users and archive all messages from 1993 year. They are worth checking time to time too.


Specific Job Catalogs

Most of top search engines and directories have their information sorted in handy catalogs, this is good place to look for required resources as soon they all was reviewed and prepared by human. Also there is possibility to filter only resources corresponding to required industry.


Remote Jobs

Online service consultant is often opening for this type of job. Person that have free online time and need additional earnings will be best suitable candidate. Usually it can be home or part time job, if you can provide rational advice in one or more fields you are qualified. One of such places is


Resume Writing

General resume objective is to get interview not a job, so there is no need to describe every detail of required qualities, CV have to work as marketing tool, be simple, clear and generate enough interest in prospective employer to appoint an interview. Once agreed, interview is good opportunity to talk about more details. If possible review existing job openings for position you applying and extract most occurring keywords, use them in CV. And vise versa don't show any of your qualities that are not useful for exactly this opening. After CV completed ask somebody to review it, possible questions can help you to discover items you inadvertently left off your resume.

Cover Letter

Hear is general tips: follow rules of layout and format of a standard business letter, address whenever possible to an individual, along with his/her correct title, hand-sign, rather than type your signature, close with a direct request for some sort of action (i.e., interview appointment), take advantage of any link to the employer that can put your foot in the door or give you an edge over the competition (for example, mentioning the name of someone you know in the organization)

Interview Tips

Often hiring person issue question behind the question. Usually, every question means "Why should we hire you?" Be sure you answer that completely. Also even if not satisfied with previous job don't show it, tell only about positive impressions. When there is better understanding of the scope of job responsibilities ask about salary but not fall into the trap of telling the interviewer your exact amount. You may be asking for too much or too little money and in both cases ruin your chances of being offered the job. Instead, ask what salary range the job falls in to see what to chose from.

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