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Love of reading can predict your online success

By Rebecca Gilbert
Posted Saturday, September 11, 2004

When I was a very small child, I discovered that I had a love for reading. There was nothing better then spending an entire afternoon engrossed in a good novel. Reading for me was a pleasure, and magically transported me all over the world. My love of reading from an early age sharpened my vocabulary skills, my spelling, and my ability to learn, without me even realizing it.

Up until the time that I had decided to start a home based business on the internet, I didn't feel that my love of reading played a role towards increasing my wrong I was.

When I started a home business on the internet, I knew absolutely nothing about network marketing, advertising, building websites, search engine optimization, tax deductions, or the millions of other things needed to run a successful business from your home. And the affiliate program that I had signed up for provided me a mentor who was basically non-essential towards me being successful and moving up the ranks. Although the program that I had signed up for provided all kinds of training material, I didn't find it to be in a logical step by step order and became very confused at where I was to begin and what my ultimate goal was to be.

Through much trial and error, I had given up on someone helping me and decided that if I was going to be successful, it was going to be up to me whether I succeeded or failed. At that point I returned to my roots and my love of reading. I started watching the people who were successful online and started reading their articles on how they got there. I started visiting various online and webmaster forums also. You would be surprised how much free information is out there if you just take the time to look for it and read. People who have made a fortune on the internet are only too happy to share their experience and knowledge with you.

From that point, I started imitating the steps that they had taken, and before long, I had created a successful online business of my own without any help from anyone besides the webmasters who had decided to post free information on their websites. I recently started creating an easy to follow tutorial for my own affiliates and the response has been positively overwhelming, and has taken my business to new heights. (

If you have a love for reading, I can already predict your online success. Even without a mentor, you can create a successful business from your home by simply reading.

Best wishes for you future success and prosperity!
Rebecca Gilbert

About the Author
Rebecca Gilbert has been a successful internet entrepreneur since July, 2002. Visit her at: ( for the best internet ventures available. For more articles by Rebecca, please visit: (http://www.101homebusiness.Org/home_based_business_articles.html)


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