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Make Your Product The Only Choice!

By Grady Smith
Posted Friday, November 5, 2004

I’m about to let you in on a secret. There’s a simple, always effective, works in any situation way that you can sell more of your product, destroy any competition you have, and literally siphon profits from others in your market. In fact, I have a product right now that’s up against some strong competition. There are literally hundreds of products similar to mine that all address the same audience, and in a sense, get the same end result. And to make matters worse, the majority of my website traffic is coming from the search engines where I don’t have a number one ranking. That means that people visiting my site have already seen tons of other offers that match my own, and they’ve probably been bookmarking their favorites so when they see something that really lights their fire they can return quickly to place their order.

So, what can you do to eliminate this browsing that’s so prevalent on the internet, and make your product the hands down winner every time? Let me detail the two-step plan. First, you need a price that’s comparable with your competition. Some visiting your site are solely interested in spending what they’ve determined, after browsing, is the right price. Spend a little time doing some research. Find out what people are expecting to pay as they start under different keywords and cycle down to your site. Then adjust your price accordingly. Second, after researching your competition using the search engines start to compile a “warning list”. This is an effective way to eliminate competition completely by giving the facts that detail how the competition simply doesn’t compete with your offer.

An example:
WARNING: Before Purchasing ANY Home Business Plan, Make Sure That It:
1) Gives you all the materials you need to get started
2) Speaks in terms you can understand and gives detailed, easy to follow instruction
3) Gives you credible, real people testimonials along with email or website addresses
….and so on.

The goal is to list everything you can think of that your product has, but your competition may not. And then, once you’ve compiled your list, make mention that your product does in fact meet all the requirements in your list. What happens after prospects read your warning list and get to your order link? First, they might compare prices. They‘ll want to see if you’re in line with the other similar products they’ve already seen. Second, if you do have comparable prices, then they’ll buy from you if they’re in the market to do so. The reason?

Instead of risking their money and wasting their time by going through all the different websites they’ve researched and trying to see if they meet the warning criteria, they’ll just make the easy and wise choice by purchasing the product that you’ve just proven meets all the required points.

Now here’s one last magical point to remember when writing your warning list:
It must make absolute sense to your prospects and it must be real. It’s not going to be effective for you unless you have the reader agreeing through the whole list. Spend the time to really research your points, and you’ll reap strong rewards every time someone stumbles upon your website.

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