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Marketing in the New Millenium

By Andrew Wood
Posted Thursday, August 26, 2004

Marketing methods and strategies didn’t change much during the first fifty years of this century, then television hit and everything changed. For most of the next fifty years marketing remained unchanged again then in the early nineties the Internet hit! Well almost, after a few false starts 1999 will officially go down in history as the year the Internet actually started to work. While just about every marketing strategy in the world used to revolve around either a print or TV campaign now everything revolves around a web site.

The development of a competent, interesting, interactive and informative site is the center piece of the new millennium market strategy for every one from Coca-Cola to the local dentist. While this year you could get away without having a web site, especially if you sell to the over 30 crowd, next year you will not!

Here are ten additional tips to keep up in a changing world

1) Offer information on demand
Most people are no longer willing to wait even overnight to get information, and they don’t have to! Make sure your information is available on the web, easy to find within your site and easy to act on!

2) Sell service with your products and products with your service.

The lines between products and services are becoming increasingly blurred. If possible bundle the two together.

3) Offer additional value
Value not price is more important than ever. Build extra value into everything you do. In my catalog for example unlike any of my competitors every single audio program we sell comes with a FREE bonus usually worth 25% or more of the purchase price of the tapes. The bonus is usually something that directly adds to the value of their purchase, such as a companion manual or workbook.

4) Always have an upgrade
Now that’s not just if you sell computer products, that goes for everyone and everything. Remember the easiest time to sell someone is right after they have just bought!

5) Make your offer customizable
Yesterday I was on line at CD and found that I can make my own CD’s from a selection of over one hundred Christmas songs. That way I get only the songs I like! What a concept! The more ways you can customize your products or service the better!

6) Get interactive with your customers
Let them offer feedback, send them a newsletter or e-zine. Let them scratch something off and win a prize. Invite them to a seminar, hold a contest and connect with them in every way

possible other than through an actual transaction.

7) Focus on owning one position
Don’t try to be everything to everyone, we are in the age of specialization. It’s better to be known as the best in the town or county at one thing, than to be merely good at a lot of things!

8) Offer an experience not just a product or service
We live in a world that values experiences more than ever. Do whatever you can to enhance your experience. Think of the difference between two restaurants, one with ambiance, one without, both might have good food but only one will do well over the long haul!

9) Re-visit the 80/20 rule
Other wise known as the Perato Principle the 80/20 rule says that 80 percent of your income will come from 20 percent of your effort. Your job is to find out where that twenty percent is and spend more time there!

10) Get smarter!
This is the number one rule in a changing world. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned about the Internet in the last six weeks. I bought a few books, spent some extra time on line and doubled or tripled my knowledge! You can and must do the same to stay on the cutting edge.

Incorporate these ideas into a marketing strategy based around your web site and you are sure to have a wonderful Year!

About the Author
Andrew Wood is a sales & marketing expert & author of; Selling With Confidence, Building A Legendary Reputation, Conquering Your Market With a One Man Army, Making it Big, Legendary Leadership, and The Traits of Champions. He can be reached at ( or Mail to: or 352-527-3553


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