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Massive Profits In High Demand Over-Supplied Market

By Eo Lim
Posted Wednesday, September 1, 2004

How to use contra business strategy to beat your competitors in search engine war?

First thing first, what is it?

It is to observe the psychology of your competitors and does everything opposite of the generally deployed business strategy.

In this topic, let's talk about widely touted search engine optimization game.

To succeed, you must use profitable keywords to create web page that ranks at the top 10 search result. You also need to take care of other factors like meta-tag, links etc.

But, there's drawback. It becomes like a drawing contest.

One way to decrease your chances of winning is to increase the number of players. The more competition you have the lesser your chances of winning. More prizes don't mean you've more chance to win.

See it now?

Many businesspeople are not able to get to the top after much hassle. The reason is that most are taught to compete for these high priority and niche keywords. All are doing the same thing.

This is the frame of mind now. And, such mentality pushes most people away from the reach to the top. Interesting thing is that more joins in the crowd because the generally acceptable education has been heavily touted. They only see the profitability of those keywords instead of competition level.

As a result, such action over-supplies the high demand of the market.

So, how can you use contra business strategy in search engine war?

Grab low priority niche keywords that are ignored by most!

Let me give you an example.

If you're selling digital cameras, type in this keyword at search suggestion feature.

Let's analyse the top 10 most wanted keywords.

Keyword. Search count.

digital camera,1463005
digital camera review,66082
sony digital camera,42029
digital camera memory,38506
canon digital camera,30568
digital camera accessory,29683
digital camera uk,27022
olympus digital camera,21863
kodak digital camera,17857
fuji digital camera,14568

What will your competitors perceive from the information?

They'll grab these keywords fast! What happens next?

Competition level shoots through the roof.

Winners are those who've more time and money in the game. The majority cannot afford this. But they don't give up. It is their education that creates the frame of mind.

Listen up!

You can only win this game when you get out of this mind-trap.

Why not use your precious resource to grab those low priority keywords?

Here're the 10 least wanted keywords.

Keyword. Search count.

digital camera store,857
oregon scientific digital camera,847
camera digital iconcepts,845
digital camera camcorder,843
camera digital malaysia,842
konica digital camera,829
digital camera magazine,812
camera dc digital gateway m40,806
the best price on digital camera,774
sony cybershot digital camera,740

These are neglected by most people. They don't see it profitable to use these. Well, they're wrong. Any keyword counts.

If one keyword can give you at least 1 to 3 prospects every month, it is a good one. By the way, there're at least 43 keywords with less than 200 search counts. These may generate over 120 qualified prospects.

Why compete for top 20 most wanted keywords? You rarely have the chance to get your optimized web pages in the first page of result in search engines.

Start scavenging now. There is least resistance to produce the fastest results.

While most competitors are fighting for very competitive keywords, they miss the opportunities in those low level keywords.

You could get some domain names and create completely different optimized websites for multiple keywords. They can drive additional target prospects to your main website. This method picks up extra traffic that most of your competitors ignore. It is better than getting almost zero result when you compete for highly sought keywords.

This is how you deploy contra business strategy to win search engine war!

About the Author
Eo Lim has helped many businesspeople succeed online using the revolutionary P.E.R.F.E.C.T. writing formula. Visit his site to find out how you can get a free consultation: (


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