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Mind Stimulators For Profitable Business Ideas

By Marcus Schroefel
Posted Thursday, October 7, 2004

Every business is created first by an idea. Then once you're in business you need ideas for marketing, advertising, solving problems, product development etc. The difference between success or failure could be one – just one idea. That's all!

Communicating regularly with other business people can generate many ideas. There are many resources online and offline to meet new business people; seminars, chat rooms, discussion boards, trade shows etc. Especially forums are excellent places to network and seek like- minded people for potential joint ventures.

Sharing your knowledge, asking questions, and taking in new information will stimulate your mind. Your brain will begin to put all this information together to create profitable business ideas.

If you're not much of a communicator, try reading. Reading will also stimulate your mind. Read business books, magazines, e-books, web sites, journals, e-zines, newspapers etc. Your brain will generate profitable ideas by absorbing and rearranging this information on a regular basis.

If you don't have time to read start learning by listening! Listen to business audio books, seminars and courses. Their Advantage: You can listen to them anytime you want while doing other things: in the car, while your doing house work, working in the yard, or exercising etc.

Also, tune in business related radio stations. This will help you save time and generate profitable business ideas at the same time.

These are just a few tips that will help to improve your idea generation strategies. Take short breaks to brainstorm about the information you absorbed. Keep a notepad and pen handy to record your ideas so you don't forget them.

All businesses need fresh new ideas to stay ahead of competition and survive. If you continuously feed your mind with valuable information and put it to use, I promise you will find yourself sitting on the top of the *mountain of success* sooner than you might think right now. Just do it!!

About the Author
Marcus Schroefel is an Author, Publisher and Success Coach. Visit: ( and get more than 100 hours of internet marketing audio training lessons & interviews with the top-marketers completely FREE!


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