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Need Balance in Life? Consider a Home Business

By Lucy Cole-Radice
Posted Friday, September 10, 2004

Are You DISILLUSIONED by your dreams?
Are you DISAPPOINTED in your lifestyle?
Are you scared of your LONG TERM REALITY?

You are not alone?

Many of us are exhausted from trying to succeed in a world where one's lifestyle has been sacrificed to breaking point. One feels railroaded to a predictable existence and the future looks bleak.

This article has been written to help those individuals who have reached this crossroad, investigate an alternative life path to buy back time and create a more balanced life.

Traditional employment sees a hoard of people leave their homes daily to embark on a ritual of set tasks to be accomplished within a set time and for a set wage. Often skill is matched to the financial reward. There is little incentive to work harder or smarter because there is no guarantee of job security and as it is the week is already blown out to too many work hours including the travel to and from. Life is driven by the need to pay off mortgages, car loans, credit cards etc amongst other debt. All holidays are designated and if you are one of the lucky ones you might be able to afford to go away with the family.

A Home Based Business is an ideal opportunity to break the shackles of this life starving existence and provide the much needed positive direction change to create the balance so many have been missing out on.

The Network Marketing Industry is one such home business opportunity that is becoming more popular as people who are dissatisfied with their current situations are turning. According to Mark and Renee Yarnell (Your First Year in Network Marketing) "$20 billion in annual sales are being moved by 8 million people through this method of distribution in America alone. Several studies have predicted that a third of all goods and services will be moved by the turn of the century and this could be as high as 50% by 2110."

The exciting news about this prediction is that now is the greatest opportunity for anyone wanting to change their current pathway. Whether you are a professional, fulltime mother, tradesperson, anyone…. you have the ability to start your own home business if you have the desire to. (See link below Working from Home - Have you got what it takes?)

Most Home businesses are set up for ease of transition. Most encourage a part time involvement throughout training and set up with the whole process overseen by their Business Mentor. (see link below Want to Work from Home but Feel Alone? The Role of a Business Mentor)

Once one is "skilled up" then the ability to ramp up business to a fulltime involvement to replace one's current job is a "breath of fresh air" for those motivated and driven by the desire to succeed and buy back life.

The benefits of your home business are numerous. ( See link below Home Based Businesses- Are they the Saviour of the World?)
You can choose your working hours.
You can choose who you want to work with.
You can choose your income level.
You can make life choices that will buy back time and lifestyle and create BALANCE.

A home based business is an exciting pathway to financial and time rewards that traditional employment will never attain.

If you need balance in life then don't miss this opportunity!

About the author
Lucy Cole-Radice is currently operating her own successful affiliate internet based 60 Minute Money Home business. She is a business mentor to others who wish to run their own home-based business. For information on your own 60 Minute Money Home business go to (

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