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Save Time and Money with Autoresponders

By Jeremy Gislason
Posted Sunday, September 5, 2004

Situation - Not Using Autoresponders

Bob is reading his favorite ezine. Your top or middle sponsor ad gets his attention. He makes a mental note to check it out after he finishes reading the article. The article is pretty long and there are a few more ads that catch his eye as well. After a while he forgets about even seeing your ad. You just lost a sale.

Kathy finds your website while surfing and decides to check out your site. She is in a hurry and quickly scans over your business opportunity or product sales page. She is interested but wants to think about it first. She makes a mental note to come back later. A few days go by and she has seen many more offers similiar to yours and forgets about your website. You just lost another sale.

Situation - Using Autoresponders

Bob is reading his favorite ezine and sees your ad. He sends an email to your autoresponder and finishes reading the article. He checks his mail again after he's done and is impressed how quickly your autoresponder salesman responded to his request for more information. He likes your message and decides to visit your website. He likes what he sees and decides to buy. You just made another sale.

Kathy is surfing and finds your website. She is in a hurry but decides to subscribe to your newsletter or marketing course as she thinks your site is interesting. She checks her mail later and remembers your site but would still like to think about it for a while. She is followed up for a few days or weeks after that and she is finally convinced that you have what she wants and needs and visits your site again from the link in the autoresponder message. You just made another sale.

Here are 7 ways to save time and money using autoresponders.

1. Save Time. Let autoresponders do the work for you. They can answer all your FAQ. They can send our information requests. They can help automate every part of your business.

2. Save Money. Instead hiring extra staff to follow up your customers and leads or send out information, hire an autoresponder. They work 24/7 and never complain, call in sick, or ask for a raise.

3. Follow up Training. How much time would it take to train 100's or 1,000's of people in your downline? Write up a training course. It could be daily, weekly, or monthly. Everyone on your team gets the same information to help them succeed. They can then contact you personally if they need extra help.

4. Send out Your Ezine. Program your newsletter to go out on a certain day, date, or even time. Personalize the mailings to let your readers know they are important and not just a number.

5. Increase Your Professional Image. Ensure that your customers are mailed the correct information they asked for every time. All they have to do is send a mail to your autoresponder. This eliminates the wrong person getting the wrong information.

6. Build an Opt-In List. People who subscribe to your autoresonder links are HOT prospects. A good way to get them to subscribe is to offer something of value free for subscribing. Load up a few ebooks or helpful courses into your autoresponder and let them do the work for you. The bigger your opt-in list is the more sales you will make. You can almost 'print your own money' with a large responsive opt-in list.

7. Lead Follow Up. This is probably the most important one to make new sales. Constant follow up with your opt-in prospects is vital. They may not be in the mood to buy right now. Whether it takes days, weeks, months, or even years, following up your prospects and customers will make many more sales down the road from now.

You can sign up for free autoresponder services out there, but the catch is they put their ads in your emails, on your website, or try to get you to upgrade constantly. I'm sure you're going to need more than one to run any kind of business.

For the truely professional look pro versions are highly recommended. You can then create unlimited autoresponders for all of your needs. In addition, you will not have any advertisements going out along with your autoresonder messsages with the pro versions.

There are many companies offering great autoresponder services nowadays. Start setting up your autoresponder(s) today and take the first step towards better automating your online business.

You can find some great places to save money on several recommended autoresponder services by visiting Start saving your time and money today.

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Jeremy Gislason

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