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Save Time and Win Customers by Hiding Your eMail Address

By Harvey Segal
Posted Wednesday, August 25, 2004

It is always advisable to welcome questions from visitors to your web site, so that you can provide a personal touch and establish a good relationship.

But as your traffic inevitably increases you certainly don't want to be swamped by Email queries.

Here is what you do - and it brings lots of benefits.

First, you accumulate a list of common questions and set up a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.

This is a common solution but at this point most people make the same mistake - they provide a link from their sales page to the FAQ page but keep their Email address on the sales page.

The secret is to remove the address and only put it on the FAQ page.

Why ?

This will force your visitor to read the FAQ first, hopefully eliminating 90% of the questions you would otherwise receive.

But don't just put a series of questions and answers.

Take the opportunity to surround every question with a positive benefit. Introduce additional material that may have been too much to include on the original page. And finish up with some motivating copy to get you reader to order. The result ?

Your reader will have gained by finding answers to questions he had not thought of and discovering extra benefits offered by your product.

And you will have fewer messages in your Email box.

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