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Selling Your Products by Using Different Slants

By Gary Christensen
Posted Saturday, September 4, 2004

You're sold on your product, but, no one else is! So, what do you do?

Try putting a different slant on your marketing efforts! It's been said we need to point out the BENEFITS to buyers; to give reasons WHY they should buy our products. That's good advice! People need to know WHY they should buy what we're selling.

1) If your product is a TIME saver, let buyers know!
2) If it's now on SALE, be sure that all buyers know know that!
3) If it's more DURABLE, and comes with a Guarantee,
4) If it's EASY to use,
5) If all orders are shipped within 48 hours, be sure that prospective buyers know all the benefits that your product has to offer!

However, if even some of those "slants" don't work very well, try some of these:

1) A Collectible slant. If your products don't have much value now, maybe they will, 5 years from now! Customers might be convinced to buy one from you NOW, if they are assured your product will be a collectible, and worth much more, in a few years! Look at the Beanie Babies: I never thought too much of them, a year or so ago, when I could have bought several for $5.00 each! Now they are being priced at $200.00 and 300.00 each!!

2) A Gift Slant. Whether your products are selling well or not, maybe you could promote them from the "buy-one-to-give-as-a-gift" slant! Many products are promoted heavily during the holidays, not because everyone needs one, but, because they make fine gifts! If your product might do better as a "gift for that special someone".. then try marketing it with that slant!

3) An Historical slant. A lady I heard about makes wonderful miniature houses, and her sales have always been pretty good, but, after she visited an old "landmark" site and saw a house which was built in the early 1800's, she began creating "miniatures" of that old house! The owners now help to market HER miniatures AT that historical site, and they keep $1.00 from each one they sell! Both of them are making money!

4) A Co-operative slant. In the above example, the historical slant is highlighted. But, in addition, the cooperation of the builder and the owner of that historic site "worked together" and both made money! Maybe YOUR product can be "tied in together" with a local market, or landmark, or some other product. Maybe your cooperative efforts can make money for BOTH of your companies!

5) A Promotional slant. Maybe your product can be turned into a "specialty merchandise" item! Any item which has a space on it, large enough to accomodate an advertising message, can be used for promotion and not just for the sale of the product itself! A Company that manufactured rulers and yardsticks found that their products could NOT ONLY be sold as measuring devices, but, as "give aways" (or "premiums") by other companies, if a personal imprint, or an ad, or some other "message" could be printed on each one!

Consider the above "slants" as other ways that YOU can sell your products, NOT just as something that people need, or can make use of, but possibly as a Collectible or Gift item; A product that ties in with an historical event or landmark; Something which two or more companies can use in their marketing campaigns, or something that can be offered as a "free-bie" or premium! Consider other possibilities and ask around to see if YOUR product can be co-marketed by other companies!

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