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Surf For Cash: How to earn extra money while you're enjoying

By Tom Catino
Posted Friday, September 3, 2004

The Internet is responsible for the biggest economic boom in history. Somehow you feel like you ought to be able to get in on all the wealth the Net is producing.

But what if you aren't really interested in starting your own business? Maybe you've got a great job and you don't have more than a few minutes a day to devote to making money online.

No problem. There are now a host of proven ways to earn anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred per month doing little more than enjoying the Web. Rather than Get Rich Quick, these ideas will help you turn your spare time into spare income.

Here are some ways to do it:

Help answer email. The biggest problem companies have is providing personal email replies to their customers. Recent studies show the average customer waits three to five days.

Companies are well aware this annoying lag is simply unacceptable. Since the vast majority of questions can be answered with a few simple replies, offer to be an email answerer for companies.

Do research online. One of the great advantages the Internet offers business is the ability to "spy" on competitors. The savvy manager spends time each day surfing the Net for new ideas and developments in her industry.

Most managers simply don't have an extra hour each day to search the Net. Offer to do this for them. Find out what information they wish they had, then use search engines and email networking to find it. Often the person who regularly spends time searching the Net is widely respected and valued.

Finally, get involved with a program or two that pays you to surf the Net. Businesses that want more visitors to their sites will pay just to have you stop buy and browse their pages in your spare time

If you are already enjoying the Web after work, on weekends, or during your lunch hour, pay-for-surfing programs are a good way to always have a few bucks in your pocket.

About the Author:
Tom Catino specializes in ways to earn extra money online without starting a business. See his big list of sites that pay you to surf the Internet at (

Tom also offers a free support service to keep you informed on the latest Surf4Cash methods and opportunities. Reach Tom at


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