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Ten Brilliant Steps to Attaining Your Own Goals

By Darren Roberts
Posted Thursday, August 26, 2004


Everything starts with dreams, desires & goals wants etc. They will always be more than you presently have. If they
weren't you wouldn't want for anything. The most important thing you can do is write these ideas down as they happen. Take a note book with you. It may sound silly, but it is very effective and you can then capture all that is
important to you.

With constant review and assessment you, in a relatively short space of time will begin to realise how important each
and every goal is and you will sub-consciously work out ways to achieve them.


As you develop your "Personal Achievement List" there are four types of your own needs you will take into account:

a) Physical Needs
b) Emotional Needs
c) Social Needs &
d) Financial Needs.

These are not written in any order. You will find your day to day living entails something from all these groups. For example your physical needs could be as simple as playing a game of volleyball to keep you fit. Your financial needs will be slightly more detailed such as to have as much cash at your disposal to accomplish what you wish in during your allotted years.

As your goals become more clear in your mind you will be able to understand the individual importance of each of these four groups.

3)THINK LIKE A PT (Plan Thoroughly)

Now that you know what you want you will now need to start bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Sounds quite easy actually, doesn't it? Well, in a word. Yes!!!

Now that you're in the practise of writing things down that are important to you you may (or may not) have started to plan and prepare. Be a PT (Prepare Thoroughly). You can't lose if you plan well. There is a very old cliché that's almost as old as the hills. In fact you will almost definitely know this...

"Businesses That Fail To Plan Plan To Fail"!!!

It's so true if you are planning to travel from Lyón in France to Hannover in Germany and you had not travelled there before you will sure as the sun will rise tomorrow need a map to guide you there. Why is making money and goal achievement any different? It's not. All untravelled byways require a method and a plan or you simply won't get there.

You know what...getting there is probably going to be about the best fun that you ever had up until now!


Okay this planning bit sounds good but how do I know when to do what?

Like anything really to get to the next storey in a building you will need to climb the stairs to do it (sorry no escalators
or elevator lifts in this building); meaning that the large target is absolutely nothing on its own it's quite simply a
culmination of smaller targets (i.e. the steps ascending to the next storey).

All these stairs (steps) will need to be realistically attainable. Setting them above and beyond the stars will leave you nothing short of disappointed and quite possibly stressed to the highest degree due to its inattainability. Similarly if it's too easy you may get bored and give up the chase and move to something else which invariably will give you the same result time and time again. Plan well! Set realistic targets and sub-targets!!!

Plan to succeed from the outset.


Get into as many quality success publications that you can lay your hands on. To get to your goal you will need to brush away the negative attitudes that some long standing friends, family and others may laden you with. A healthy positive attitude is not enough on it's own but it will open your mind to the plethora of possibilities that exist on your journey to bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Your attitude to life; to people; to everything will be the same attitude you portray to the pursuit of your goals. If you
have an open positive attitude to everything this will overflow wonderfully into your goal achievement aspirations.

I have developed a very comprehensive resource list which will be more than helpful in your endeavours. If you wish to receive this TOTALLY FREE resource list without obligation then please send a blank email to: and you will receive it automatically within a couple of minutes.


To claim your independence your desire for achievement will need to be spurred on by hunger fully supported with

Without being persistent your efforts may become counter- productive and you may not get there. When you get knocked down - for heavens sake get up again.

Persistency is vital. Every knock down is simply a brief pause on the staircase during your ascendency to the next floor. Learn from it and persist until you succeed.

It's really easy to succeed as every knock down just makes you stronger and more determined to reach your goal. Choose to win!!!


Even the best, well thought out, beautifully laid plan means nothing until its implementation. Action is the key. Sure it's really important to contemplate your next step before you take it with a well structured plan but it means nothing unless you enact upon it.

Don't wait for it to come to you; actively seek it out and attain your goal.

Sure as anything no one else is going to realise your goals for you. Only you can do this. Will you???


Earlier I mentioned that you should dig into as much positive energy that you can. It is also a great idea to get into
publications that are akin to where your interests lie. To achieve the best result possible it's a top idea to be as
educated as possible on all new developments etc.

If you wish to succeed in having the best macramé business in suburb of town it makes sense that you will have researched the demand for your product in the area, pricing, needs etc. Most importantly you will want to know everything about this product to attract a new client base.

If someone walks in seeking help and you cannot give it to him/her you will look not just unprofessional but you'll look
like a bit of a dingbat as well. The best solution here is obviously to stay right up-to-date in your field of expertise so you can always offer the best sound advice. Staying alert and active in your chosen field will give you an edge over your competition. You can never be too knowledgeable.


At regular intervals review your performance. Draw charts. Make comparisons with where you are compared with where you want to be. If it's not as good as you want either adjust the goal or the method for its achievement accordingly.

Don't be disappointed if you can't do it all the first time as planned; believe you me you will need to confront obstacles in order to learn how to make things easier in the future. In fact obstacles are the best thing that can happen to anyone wanting to make a mark for himself. Making mistakes, and adjusting your plan takes maturity. It comes with extensive review and self-analysis. Don't be afraid to err. You're human so you will. The solutions will become simpler and simpler with regular review of your targets.


If you don't actively enjoy what you do how can you expect to get so much from it when the most fundamental basic is lacking?

To be successful at what you do you must really enjoy what it is you do.

You will get only one life. It's not like an empty bottle that you can return after it's been used and get your deposit back. No way! When it's done it's done! We all get probably about 50 - 60 years of adult life and we are all individually
responsible for how we use it. Follow your goals. enjoy it all and YOU WILL REACH YOUR TARGET.

I hope you enjoyed this article today.

Think Successfully.


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Written By: Darren Roberts
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