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Ten Ways *Not* To Make Money Online....Guaranteed

By Dennis Wagoner
Posted Monday, September 13, 2004

Have you noticed how much information there is on the web on how to make money?

How many ads do you see in a given day while surfin'?

Too many, you probably say.

Well, I for one am glad to see *some* ads, for I've gotten some really good deals on nice products that way.

Everyone's busy telling you how to make money, but hardly anyone is telling you how *not* to make money online.

Well, I'm gonna...

If you don't want to make a nice income online:

1. Don't read the ebooks you download.
It is a common misconception that if it's free, then it's no good. The truth is, there are a lot of good free ebooks floating around the web. I add to my collection whenever possible, but I read them all.

2. Never, ever, seek out ezines with quality content.
Ezines have fast become a great source of free, but good, information. Shop for your ezines like you would anything else.

3. Forget about setting goals.
Putting yourself on the spot with goals and deadlines tends to make you a more productive marketer. Those ads get placed, the html flows, and you'll meet your deadlines met if you use a goal sheet.

4. Absolutely don't participate in marketing forums.
Doing this will lead to learning new things you'd have to actually otherwise pay for. You'll also meet people who are happy to assist you with just about anything you might need, so if you don't want to be successful on the web, stay away from forums!

5. Surf all day, surf all night, and chat just a tad, too.
Spend all your time looking up the mating habits of the South American Emu, or the Myan Lug Nut Fire Toad. Do anything that doesn't pertain to "learnin' to earn".

6. Don't read books such as "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.
Books like that are dangerously motivational and chocked full of things that'll get your noggin to shifting gears.

7. Consider practicing your writing skills as being not worth your time.
The more you write, the better you'll get. Then of course there's that level of comfort that comes after writing on a regular basis.

8. Disregard anything and everything that the "internet immortals" have to say about anything.
This one is a real biggy. Forget what Frank Garon, Terry Dean, Marlon Sanders, Joe Vitale, and other veteran marketers have to say. If you're looking to get nowhere fast, just ignore them all together. These guys know their stuff, so listening and acting upon their advice will put you on the track to success. Watch out now!

9. Don't invest in yourself.
When purchasing ebooks, tapes and courses, listening in on conference calls, and using membership sites, you are actually investing in yourself. Be careful, this leads to a real understanding of how the whole thing really works. This type knowledge will lead you down the path of reaping rewards in more ways than one.

10. Stay in your Comfort Zone.
You know, that frame of mind where you want something, but don't really desire it. Want means never trying. Desire means you have to have it, that you are going for that brass ring.

And that my Friend, is the Top Ten Ways to never, ever have a successful online business venture, guaranteed.

About the Author
Dennis Wagoner invites you to join the Money Minute Ezine Gang by simply sending a blank email to or better yet, by visiting ( And as always, it's sure to inform, enlighten and entertain. Feedback Encouraged.


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