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The Importance Of Sequential Autoresponders To Your Online Business.

By Mike Merz
Posted Monday, September 13, 2004

To anyone that has been involved in Internet marketing, the advantages of using an autoresponder are pretty clear.

They make it easier to provide preconceived information, without having to do it yourself, manually.

But are you really using these wondrous tools to their full potential?

Sequential autoresponders, in particular, allow you to follow up a prospect a number of times, at planned intervals, with different messages, giving you multiple opportunities to make the sale.

But that's not all ...

In most cases, they allow you to personalize your messages, which is of extreme importance. With the insertion of a simple tag, the prospect receives an e-mail that appears to be only for him/her.

This personalization allows you to establish a bond of trust that you just can't get with a simple website visit.

The ability to establish this kind of personal interaction can make a big difference in your quest to convert the prospect into a customer.

Sequential autoresponders aren't just limited to intro and follow up messages, but can be used to send out a newsletter, e-mail course, ebook, etc.

If your autoresponder has HTML message capabilities, not only can you send out fancy messages, you can actually promote mini web pages, as well.

And we haven't even touched on the most important autoresponder function!

The e-mail addresses that you collect will be the most targeted list of prospects you could ever own.

Think about it.

These people are asking for your info. All you have to do at that point is give them what they want.

And for as long as they remain on your list, you'll have the opportunity to follow up, instigating future sales, and increasing the likelihood of receiving referrals.

Now I ask you, is there any doubt that autoresponders belong at the top of your Online campaign arsenal?

I didn't think so ;)

Best regards, Mike Merz Internet Marketing For Newbies


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