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The mailorder Business Secret of the 5 r's

By Gary Christensen
Posted Saturday, September 4, 2004

You probably learned the 3 "R's" in School: "Readin,.. 'Ritin,.. and 'Rithmatic!" ... (Which I've often wondered, "Is this taught by Teachers,.. Is this how teachers really spell??)

But, before I get off the track, this article is about using the 5 "R's" to help you to be more successful in your Mailorder Business (or in many other, different kinds of Business):

1) Repeat good ads! Too often we fail to keep track of WHICH ads we've placed, and WHERE we've placed them. Besides that, we often fail to keep track of which ads are working BETTER,.. & pulling more orders and inquiries than other ads! We should eliminate the ads that AREN'T working very well, and REPEAT the ads that are "working overtime", which pull in LOTS of inquiries and orders!

2) Releases to Editors! Most Editors want to sell magazines! They want to do the best job they can; to make their magazines interesting and useful to their readers. To do so, they'll often print the News Releases sent to them by companies who have new products or services that the public needs! If you send your Releases to Publishers, you may also get some FREE Publicity about your business, your product or your service! Publishers print releases to help keep their readers informed; readers buy their magazines and are better informed; and the companies submitting releases get responses, and make new contacts! Everyone benefits!

3) Return the Request! If you don't already do so, try returning the post-it-note, the e-mail printout, the hand written or typewritten letter that was sent to you by the person who responded to your ad or to your News Release! Often people will send out 10 or more letters; responding to 10 or more ads, all at once! And, often they will forget WHO they wrote to, or WHAT they wrote about! Help remind them, by attaching their note or letter to the item (brochure, free sample or salesletter) that you're sending back to them! They see their note, it reminds them that they sent it to you, and it helps them make the connection!

4) Re-Mail to your customers! Here's what happened: You sent out News Releases, and some were printed; you've paid for your ads to be printed, and now, lots of people have responded! But, after you send them the information they requested, or the Free Item you offered, did you write to them again? Most people DON'T respond to the first mailing they receive! If you fail to send them a 2nd or 3rd mailing, you've lost or wasted a good customer! You might be letting a Hot Prospect "die!" Write to them again,.. send them your flyer, again! Follow-up in a few weeks, with another offer, or offer them a Discount! Follow-up with a 3rd or 4th mailing, several more weeks apart! EVERY customer deserves a little follow up,.. a little more "coaxing" to "come and buy something!"

5) Recruit Dealers to help! Finally, and most importantly, you MUST get help! You will NOT reach everyone in the world! You will NOT reach the amount of people you MUST reach, all by yourself! You need help, to contact more people, to be able to stay in business! Yes, you can try to do it all yourself, so you can enjoy ALL the profits, and you may be able to satisfy your greed, but, eventually, there will be no one trained to carry on, and your business might die! Recruit,.. or Request that people "come and join" in your program! Allow other people (Dealers) to mail out YOUR flyers, for part of the order as payment! Give them a generous commission on each order! Do everything you can to entice people to come and "make extra money" by helping you mail your flyers! It's known as "the multiplication principle!" Jesus used it: Jesus Multiplied Himself, to be able to reach more people! He trained 12 men, to continue his work after he was gone,.. and Christianity has spread over the globe because of those 12 followers (or Disciples)!

If you help other people to "do what you do".. If YOU are making money, help other people to "follow your example" and they will reach people you NEVER COULD reach, all by yourself! What you need to do is Give up, Give in & Allow others to share in the profits,.. and only then will your business "grow by leaps and bounds!"

About the Author
(Above article was written by Gary Christensen, a self-published author of 8 books & over 100 Reports, like this one. Of the 100, 67 Reports are in his "67 Mailorder Trade Secrets" Book, one copy is yours for $18.00! (Or, the full set of 100+ Reports are YOURS for only $28.00). His latest Free Report is "The THREE THINGS you MUST do, or your Business could fail." Gary will circulate your 2 page Article or News Release to 90 Publishers for just $28.00! Write him at: 2601 N.E. Jack London St., #138, Corvallis, OR 97330, or E-Mail him at:


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