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The Newbie's Mind Set To Making It Online

By Karl Augustine
Posted Friday, September 10, 2004

Since approximately 90% of all online businesses fail, what type of mind set does the newbie need to "make it"?

It depends on what the level the newbie is and what the newbie wants from the online business. One thing is certain, no matter the level or goal of the newbie, their mind set can either make or break them.

Before the newbie learns about FTP uploads, file saving, HTML editors, niche finding, advertising, list building, search engines, affiliate marketing, joint ventures, etc., he/she should take the time to get the right mind set before doing much else.

Why? Because starting and operating a successful online business from scratch is a journey that never ends unless the netrepreneur wants it to.

Newbies of all levels must remember that the online journey is exciting and arduous at the same time. The newbie's excitement level can spawn long productive learning/work sessions or result in lost time and money...both come with the territory.

Newbies who are computer literate, web literate, don't believe in overnight successes, and have a tremendous drive to make it work for the long haul still have challenges along the way.

One of the most interesting but amazing challenges is denying frustration.

Frustration can be a result of a great many of the most frequent reasons newbies get frustrated is they don't believe running an online business isn't easy. Believing there won't be lots of work involved or that a newbie can do what the experts do can make the newbie throw their hands in the air when they get partially along their journey.

Like frustration, the challenge of not knowing who to believe or where to turn can make the newbie feel unsure of him/herself. The seemingly endless products and services and tales of greatness can make the newbie seem lost with no clear direction of what to do next.

Thee are many challenges for the newbie and the mind set needed to make it online is one unlike any other.

The newbie's mind set should be built around these concepts:

*Understand that this will take time, no matter what type of success stories they read online.

*Believe in themselves and start the journey with the assumption that they will see it through to the end.

*Understand that this is the only business that someone can make deep profits even if they have no education and have little money.

*Define a clear path from "idea to sale" and realize that flexibility in that path will be key.

*Always look at mistakes positively...mistakes must be viewed as learning experiences or tools in their toolbox of success.

*Understand that they must be "results driven" enough to utilize other successful people's examples and experiences.

*Never give up.

*Remember why they started their business in the first place when things get tough.

*Reflect on how they have personally grown as they get further along.

*Crave and dissect lots of information.

*Be sensible and realize that things are not what they seem.

*Be prudent with all expenditures.

*Realize that there will be many time when they have to make a hard decision and that those times demand a well thought out cost benefit analysis of each possibility.

*Give to get.

*Be humble and work smart.

*Realize we're all in this together, there are people who will help.

But most of all, the newbie's mindset must be optimistic and perseverant.

Without optimism and perseverance, the tough times seems tougher and the journey seems longer. Newbie's should focus on the end result as well as the path to that end result.

About the Author
Karl Augustine
*Publisher, 'Starting Smart!' e-zine
*Author, "9 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid..."
**"65 Answers To SEO Questions"
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