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The Real Secret to Creating Wealth Online

By Chuck Crawley
Posted Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Want to learn the "Real" secret to establishing a successful present on the internet? Want to learn how to earn an extra $500 plus per month marketing on the net? Well, it's really quite simple, but requires a lot of hard work to accomplish.

Hard work you say! Yes, that's what I said. You read about all the "heavy hitters" on the net that are pulling in thousands of dollars every month marketing products on the net. It appears from the surface that making money on the net is as easy as following a few simple marketing steps and then just raking in the profits. Well maybe you need to take a closer look at all those successful internet marketers to find out their "little" secret.

Let's look at a great example of what I am talking about. Baseball, the great American sport. Everyone watched Mark McGwire hit all those home runs last year. Man, wasn't that great. It looked so easy as he just stood at the plate and hammmered all those balls out of the park. The point here is that what you saw last year was the result of many years of hard work on his part developing the skills and experience necessary to put him on top.

What you saw him do last year was the end result of the 'hard work' and persistence that earned him a great reward. If you asked him what was the real secret to his success, I'd bet that he would say persistence. So, what does all of this have to do with you and making money marketing on the net? Persistence is the secret that you've been looking for to help you succeed on the net.

So, what is persistence anyway? Here's the definition of persist. 1. to go on resolutely or stubbornly in spite of opposition, importunity, or warning. 2. to remain unchanged or fixed in a
specified character, condition, or position. 3. to be insistent in the repetition or pressing of an utterance (as a question or an opinion). 4. to continue to exist esp. past a usual, expected, or
normal time.

Have you practiced persistence in your Internet marketing career? Have you continued on resolutely or stubbornly in spite of opposition, importunity, or warning? Internet marketing is a
profession. It's a learned process that can only be successfully accomplished by those who persist. Persistence will teach you the lessons that you need in order to succeed in any business
venture. It's really quite simple, but requires an earnest effort on your part.

While this article has not taught you any great web promotion trick, email marketing secret or money-making product, your succcess in establishing a profitable business on the net is dependent on how you go about gaining the experience necessary to succeed. Persistence is the key. Now that it has been revealed to you, use it and you will succeed!

About the Author
This article was written by Chuck Crawley. Home-based business owner for the last 12 years and editor of the ADSTPLC Newsletter (that's ADS T hat P ull L ike C razy). Your Free subscription entitles you to Free Classifed Ads, Free Ad Analysis and a copy of the E-Book,
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