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Using Persistance to Propel You to Success

By Darren Roberts
Posted Thursday, August 26, 2004

Okay, you've made a plan and you've been trying many different methods to get it to work 4U. However, for some reason the gap between your plan and your target doesn't seem to be reducing. It is here when your marketing approach is most vulnerable.

It's easy for things to get away from us. Having set myself up online almost a year ago I can see that I've come a long way; but it was never like that at the beginning. We all know how capable we are. In fact we know ourselves better than anybody else on this little round thing we know as the world. We know our learning patterns, what we enjoy, what we don't enjoy, what we can do, what we can't. So many things are known!

We use our strengths to bridge the gap between our goals and our current standings. We either work on our weaknesses to assist us or we leave them untouched never to experience the opportunity to be turned into strengths (not recommended).

Our patience with ourselves to optimise our available resources can be defined as persistence. To some people persistence evolves around enduring pain. Persistence on its own means absolutely nothing! It is a vital part of any business strategy and a huge part of my own. This is the third part of the three part series we have been talking about over the last month. They are:

1) Visualisation

2) Plan of Action

3) Persistence

There are many varieties of this but the above is what I have used to work successfully for myself. Persistence is basically the ability you have developed to implement your plan of action successfully based upon your visualisation. They can only happen in the above order. Your visualisation is only as good as your goals that have truly and genuinely caught your heart. Your plan of action can get your visualisation rolling. Your persistence will then propel you to success.

Persistence doesn't need to be painful. Sure you'll make errors and slide back down a few stairs from time to time but you can develop this into a powerful weapon for your arsenal of strengths. As you keep focused your goal sheet, which could be making $100,000/Year or breaking 5 metres for the pole vault or whatever you'll be eliminating ways that don't work which really brings you one step closer to your goal.

It hurts and becomes easier to give up when one looks around so many corners and doesn't find the results one is searching for. I know how this hurts as it took me almost 4 months of online studying, hitting and missing before I finally stumbled across something I could apply myself that actually worked. The time in between can only really be defined as persistence. Again, this persistence is only as good as your focus. It doesn't stop there but this depends on how far you want to go.

Many online business opportunities are not as sinister as many make out mainly due to persistence. Sure, there are many charlatans about and one must protect oneself from potential downfalls but very few businesses succeeded overnight. Persistence means everything. Instead; some businesses get a bad name from lesser professional people and brand it - dooming it to failure from the outset. People are naturally lazy. I'm no exception but to be successful one must rise above oneself. A necessity here is to believe in what you're doing, keep at it opening as many doors as you can until you find the key that opens the door. If it was a natural ability then you wouldn't need to read this as no one would need it; we'd all be instantly successful. Unfortunately success isn't hereditary and needs to be learned . No one can succeed 4U!

Darren, I can't afford to spend so much time on trial and error!

If this is the case and you'll go broke trying then I suggest you need to work on your plan of action a little more closely to ensure that you will have the necessary resources beforehand. All three steps are equally important but do them in the order I have outlined during this trilogy we've been talking about over the last month. Do this and do it well! You'll eventually reap the rewards of your labour - but you have to do it...

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Written By: Darren Roberts
Publisher - "AAvenues 2 Your Success"
Marketing Consultant - Topliving Consultancy
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