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What Does It Take To Succeed Online?

By Kay King
Posted Tuesday, November 9, 2004

The one basic you need to succeed in an online business is simply the decision... to... do.... it.

Not to "try"....not to "see how it goes"....

Almost anyone can be successful online....yet the vast majority of those who start an online business....or an affiliate reselling program....or a multi-level marketing

They fail for two reasons...because they never get started....or because they quit.

Many of us are afraid to admit that we want to succeed in an online business. Comments often heard are: "I'm just giving it a try...and we'll see" "I don't know much about computers, so I'll see how it goes." "I've read through it but don't understand it"

These people are giving themselves excuses for failure! It's not a conscious choice. If you don't expect to succeed, later you can say "I didn't think that would work"....or.... "I didn't think I could do that"... you won't be rich -- but you will be right!

If you don't believe in yourself and your abilities....who is going to do it?

Give yourself a chance to succeed. Choose to give the online effort everything you've got for a realistic amount of time. You don't have to tell others you expect to succeed....but you need to believe that you are capable of success.

Define your actions in concrete terms: I will place X number of ads 4 days a week. I will advertise in XXXX ezines. I will write one good finished article per week. I will spend 8 hours each week adding links.

Your reaction to adversity is a key to success online. No one is buying your product? Check your sales letter. Does it appeal to the buyer in your target market? How can you make it better?

You have sign-ups in the Multi-Level Marketing company you are working with....but no one upgrades or makes a purchase. Are you following up with the specific information they need ... or just telling them about yourself?

Last month your personal business website had 2000 visitors....and no sales. If you had an opt-in newsletter or free ezine your visitors could sign up for, you would at least have added good names to your mailing list each month.

If you have a newsletter, send quality information to your list, not just sales talk....when you do present an e-book or software for those on your mailing list to purchase, tell them HOW it benefits them.

And always.....always....give more than you promised. Add bonus information....or bonus items....offer personal mentoring.

You CAN make money working online and there are many ways to do it. Some methods require substantial investment from you of money and time....but therer are excellent opportunities that require only a minimal financial investment and a few hours a week consistently to see real results.

You do not have to be internet or computer savvy....all the training and information you need is available (much of it free) online.

Make a decision to start and build an online business....and don't look back or second guess yourself. Test methods, text, headlines, advertising to find what brings the best results for your business.

Automate as much of the tasks as you can. Save the "personal touch" for actual purchasers or productive affiliates in your downlines. Keep adding to your e-mail opt-in list and keep in touch with updates bi-weekly or monthly.

Always deliver more than you promise. If you sell an e-book, give a free guide as well (or two). If you offer a training program, include an e-book or a membership in another training course.

Work consistently and efficiently for some hours each week and watch your business grow... your income will grow as well.

About the Author
Kay King operates a successful online business from her home on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. For more information and articles written especially for those new to internet marketing, please visit her website at (


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