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What? Me Start a Home Business?

By Rudy Cline
Posted Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Most folks in the workforce dream at one time or another of starting their own business. Have you ever heard the phrase "You need to fire your boss"? Many of us would like to do that! Yet when it comes right down to it, most will never venture to make it on their own. Even worse, statistics show many who do venture out on their own, fail within the first five years.

To succeed, you must have a passion and a plan.

Enter me. At the age of 45, I found myself an unemployed Purchase Manager as my textile factory shutdown. I looked all over to find a job of equal maney and/or benefits. During a period of high unemployment, I was not successful in my search. Thus I began to look for ways to make money from home or starting my own business.

In my quest for my own business, I found that franchises offer a simple pre-packaged business or money making idea. But most franchises would require a million dollar investment. I found myself looking elsewhere.

However, on the internet, there are literally hundreds of home business ideas from which to choose which will suit every personality and all levels of financing. From internet marketing to growing your own profitable home garden to sell gourmet foods to restaurants and catering services.

While brainstorming and searching the net, I found some of the following ideas for a home based business: mobile windshield service vending service answering service multi-level marketing (mlm) floral plant service for offices and hospitals pooper scooper service dog walking service gift basket service income tax service pool cleaning service landscaping service pet grooming service

Hopefully the ideas above will give some fresh ideas of your own. Once you do have your idea, it is a good idea to find someone else who has had success in this business. Then wherever possible, copy them as much as possible.

Whatever your choice for a home business, once you have made the decision to go forward. Go for it!! Do not accept no! Remember to tell yourself "Failure is not an option". Too many businesses fail because the owner lacked confidence or passion. Like the now deceased coach Jimmy Valavano told his team many times: "Never, ever ever give up!!". You MUST be passionate about your future.

Good luck in all of your self endeavers and don't forget to enjoy your new found freedom!

Copyright 2004 Rudy Cline

About the Author
Rudy Cline of can help you launch your own moneymaking website that's 100% ready to take orders and pull in massive profits right now...guaranteed! Visit: (

I am a former Purchase Manager of a large corporation for 12 years. My company got moved overseas. I am semi-retired and spend much time surfing the net. I've been sucessful at making money on the internet and enjoy helping others do the same.


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