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What Works For You

By Jim Schulte
Posted Thursday, September 2, 2004

When you first jumped into this very large swimming pool called the Internet, you knew you were going to have to swim with the sharks. You know who the sharks are right? They are everybody besides you that will be promoting the same programs and products that you thought you were going to have all to yourself.

All of the experts told you to get a product or service of your own. Hell, you said. That should be easy. I'll just hook up with an established affilate program and, Shazam! I'll be rich in no time.

That's not how it works Mr and Mrs marketing maven. You have to find something that works for YOU, and not everybody else. You have to feel comfortable with what you are selling online. Don't get into a program or service because the entire state of Texas is making money selling that same service.

Those people in Texas probably have experience at what they are doing. Just because you have an expensive set of golf clubs doesn't mean you can go out and beat Tiger Woods at the Masters.

It's the same in online marketing. You have to know what the people are buying, or at least know what the masses are interested in purchasing. If you don't have a clue what people want, it's like the dog chasing his proverbial tail.

You have to experiment, research, test, experiment, research, test, on and on. Everything you've ever read by anyone involved with online marketing all leads back to the same fact. Nobody gives you anything for free. If you want to be successful, you have to do the work.

Finding what works for you may take a month or two months, or even a year or two. It's trial and error, and, learning from those errors so you don't make them again and again. It's not an easy task finding what you want. But when you find it, you will know it right away.

It will be like looking for that special someone, for what seemed like most of your life. Then one day you found that someone and that feeling you had in your heart told that was the one. You know that just knew it was right.

Where would we be today if people in the begining of time just went along with the status quo and didn't both to look for what they wanted. Without experimentation and hard work we wouldn't be able to enjoy all of the things we now take for granted.

Things like potatoes, radishes, and carrots. Those foods did not grow above the ground like apples, pears, and cherries. They had to be found, and tested, and researched to find out wheather or not they were edible.

That may be stretching the point somewhat, but you get the idea. You have to find something you enjoy doing. That takes time, hard work, and perserverence. Only you will know when you found what you want.

Be an individual, don't run with the crowd. Be your own person. Don't sell ebooks because everybody says that's the thing to do online. Do what you want. Do what you feel comfortable doing, and don't let anybody blow smoke up your tailpipe.

About the Author
Jim Schulte
Editor I.M.J. Newsletter
Creator I.M.J. Mouse Pads


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