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What's In Your Advertising Toolbox? Part 4

By Tim Bossie
Posted Sunday, August 8, 2004

Part 4 Putting It All Together

In the first article of this series I likened advertising to woodworking or mechanics. I said that you need to right tools to get the job done right.

But, there's another part to that.

The other day I was finishing up a woodworking project. I built some great landscape lights and just finished sawing all the pieces. The tools did their jobs.

The sander, table saw, drill press, and band saw all worked great, but they didn't complete the process. I still had to put it all together.

Your advertising campaign, is the same way. You have all the tools working for you, but you need to "put them all together" in order for them to do you any good.


To get the most distance out of your advertising campaign, each piece has to work together. In other words, to reach the highest number of people, especially repeat exposures, without having to spend more money advertising, each different advertising tool must go hand-in-hand with the other.

Your solo ad holds the hand of your course, which holds the hand of your report, which holds the hand of your ezine, which holds the hand of..... you get the idea.

One Small Ad Does Not An Ad Campaign Make

When you think of advertising campaign, you should be thinking of just that. A campaign.

Often times when people talk about advertising, it's "place one small classified ad in hundreds of ezines, and you'll be flooded with non-stop visitors."

As much as all of us would like to believe a statement like that, and desperately hang onto it, it just isn't true.

One small ad will not bring in visitors, save you money, or sell your products.

But, a complete arsenal of advertising tools, like we've been talking about in this series ie. ads, articles, courses, reports, etc., will contribute to a healthy, productive, successful, and growing business.

A Sample Campaign

Ok, ok, enough.... how do these things work together?

First, you need to break them up into their own jobs.

Ads and articles are your main work horses. They're the ones that do the "grunt" work and begin to pull in visitors to your site.

I would begin by placing small ezine ads and solo ads in various ezines by using the advertising co-op's that are available.

Two reasons for this:

1. They offer the widest range of exposure quickly.
2. For small budgets, these co-op's are ideal.

Then I would start to post my articles, complete with resource box, within the article sites like ( , or send a copy of your article to the publishers of the many ezines you're subscribed to right now.

Once these tools start working, the next phase of your advertising campaign kicks in.

When the visitor lands at your site, they are looking for information. Nothing more.

Your sales copy, while should be full of information, is not going to fulfill their need. Chances are, a very small handful of first time visitors will ever buy your product.

So, give them what they want and have your site loaded with free informative products.

But, only really emphasize one of the free products. If you bombard the visitor with too many things, they might not pick any of them.

I usually start with a course or ezine. A course being my main first time visitor tool because they probably already subscribe to hundreds of ezines and, like I said, they hit your site looking for information.

The course is now a vehicle to other forms of free advertising. Within the body of each daily edition, you insert mentions of your ezine, the free report, or even other products that you're affiliated with.

If your course does it's job, it will excite the reader into returning to your site to buy your product.

A Twist For Even More Free Advertising

You can see how having everything work together is pretty powerful, but here's a couple of small twists you can add.

If you were to give the person requesting your course the rights to also give it away at their website, you're substantially increasing your coverage area without spending another dime. You could be selling your product to people who you didn't even advertise to in the first place!

Think of the profit margin now!

Or you could bypass your site altogether and create a couple of ads that only advertise your course. This way, the person reading the ad doesn't have to visit your site to get what they want, the information.

They automatically send an email, from the address in your ad, and they start receiving your course instantly.

Put It Into Use

Now that you know the tools required for a successful ad campaign, and how to use them together, it's time to put this info to use.

Start creating your ads, a couple of articles, a course, and free report and set up your campaign.

I know that within a few weeks you'll start seeing an amazing difference in your profits and your advertising budget won't be maxed out as much.

About the Author
Tim Bossie is the owner of Northern Pine Marketing Services and specializes in writing original and creative solo ads in just 2 hours! Find out more about this incredible service by going to ( Plus, check out his brand new ebook, "How To Achieve High Profits With Solo Ads!" that details the 7 Important Building Bricks of a successful solo ad at (


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