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What's Your Attitude Towards Servitude?

By Gary Christensen
Posted Saturday, September 4, 2004

Does the word "Servitude" conjure up in your mind visions of being made to scrub floors in a hospital,.. or to wash dishes in a Restaurant,.. or to smash rocks with a sledgehammer?

Those are definitely some "hard ways to earn a living!" I can think up a whole lot more pleasant ways to earn money. What about a Soldier,.. or a Congressman or even the President of The United States? Are they not said to be "serving their country".. or "the servants of the people?"

Can you see where this is going? All of us,.. from the time we were kids or teenagers, (being told to "listen to our parents & do what they tell us to do"); to being in the Military (obeying our commanding officers); to being employed and following the instructions of our supervisors, and on and on. We are now, or have been, or soon will be, told to obey and to serve someone else. Those who are "in charge" are the Masters and we are the Servants. Someone once said, "We are either serving our own needs, or we are serving the needs of others."

There was a period of 7 years in my life when all I did was to "look after my own needs." It was fun. There were very few responsibilities. But, looking back on it, it was a lonely time, because I had no one to share the good times with!

After that, I began noticing a certain young lady, and married her. My primary focus was then on her, and doing what I could to meet her needs, and make her happy. I gave in to herwishes; went where she wanted to go; did what she wanted to do. When she was happy, I was happy, too! Maybe I didn't think of it like this at the time,.. (probably because I was in love, but, she was in charge and I was there to serve her needs.

Then along came our son, Paul, and now, when I come home from work, his needs have to be met. Daddy is now available to play with him; to cheer him on when he hits a fly ball; to teach him how to tie his shoes; to scold him when he does something wrong; to be there when he comes to me, needing a hug! He's the one who needs to be served. He needs help picking out what clothes to wear; to help him get dressed in the mornings; to fixing his breakfast; and to help him with just about everything he needs! When he falls asleep in the car, Saturday night on the way home from a movie, Daddy carries him in and puts him to bed. That's my job. I am here to help meet his needs!

As an employee, I am paid to work for my boss, and to do the things he gives me to do. When I am running my own business, the Customer is King! I also serve the people who bring me their orders! I am here to serve my customers! (That is what Customer Service is all about!)

So,.. What's your Attitude towards Servitude? You've been a servant all your life,.. or you will be a servant, at some time, for someone, whether you're serving the needs of your parents; your spouse; your child; your employer; The Military; Your Government,.. or your customers!

Here's a test: A customer calls you up and asks if you can drive over to his place of business and pick up his order and then deliver it back to him when it's ready. Do you (a.) Make excuses; (b.) Tell him you don't offer pick-up and delivery,.. or (c.) Get in your car and hurry on over to his place of business?

What about customers who are trying to contact you,.. do you have a phone number in your ads; a fax number; a pager number; a place where messages can be left?.. Do you have your full mailing address; and e-mail address, printed on all your brochures; letterheads & catalogs,.. making it easy for customers to reach you? If a customer has a hard time reaching you, they may give up and take their business somewhere else!

Our store recently designed a Special Red; White and Blue "Closed for the Holiday" sign to put on our door, because we would be closed both Friday and Saturday, July 3rd and 4th this year. It was a large sign; very colorful; and had a big U.S. Flag on it,.. I was impressed with how it looked! We offered it to other store owners; printed THEIR name on it ("Bob's Shoes" will be closed ...), etc. We set-up quite a few of those signs and gave them out, free,.. (and our store logo was on each one, too!) It ended up in quite a few store windows in our downtown area!

It helped the other businesses, by meeting their need, even before they realized they had one! It also helped to put the name of OUR business in quite a few downtown store windows, too!

Always try to determine what other people need, maybe even before they do! Try to give personal attention to every order you receive! If a customer wants to see a sample first, try to accomodate them. Do what you can to make them happy! Serve their needs! It could result in more and larger orders!

About the Author
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