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Why Advertise? What Does Your USP Have to Do With Anything?

By Kellie Marzolf
Posted Sunday, August 8, 2004

There are several reasons that you want to advertise, one especially being to sell your products or services. But have you ever thought about some of the other, not so obvious, reasons advertising is so beneficial to your business? You want to make your advertising go the extra mile for you but you should really be thinking in terms of the long run.

Advertising, especially making your ads stand out from the crowd, can be a difficult task for many people, but the benefits far outway the negatives of learning the task. You want to get yourself and your product noticed and remembered. Differentiate yourself from the crowd and your reader is more likely to remember your name.

Your main objective is to ignite your readers emotions. By doing this, and if it is done correctly, you will not only ignite emotions but in turn cause them to make that purchase based on what they feel, whether they think it is logical or not at the time. You want to create a desire to find out what you have to offer this person by generating interest in what you're offering. There are a variety of ways to do this and many books online that will teach you how.

As a business entity or a person building a business, your goal is to be remembered by someone reading your ad. People are swamped with several ads on a daily basis so it's a lofty goal to be able to stand out from the pack. To do this, you need to distinguish yourself as different from the next guy. Be bold but not overbearing, interest them but don't pitch them a sale right away. Think of a Unique Selling Proposition, a new and intriquing way to make your readers click on your link and not your competitors. Fulfill this goal and you will more than likely have yourself a winner.

Writing advertisements that compell people to act is what you're after and learning the skills of ad writing is a necessity. If you're selling something similiar to the guy next to you, how are you going to compete? How will you make your product or service stand out and make that reader decide to give you a chance? Finding your USP and learning to harness it and use it for your benefit can greatly increase your product sales and your customer base list.

The desire here is to ensure that potential prospects buy from you instead of your competitors and a good way to ensure that success is to take the time and invest in learning to properly advertise to your business benefit and success.

About the Author
Kellie Marzolf publishes the GoForTheGold Directory Newsletter where you will find informative articles on internet marketing and promotions. Weekly safelists to join, useful resources and free bonuses in every issue.


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