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Why Promoting Your Product Online Using Only One Method Won't Cut It...

By Ken Leonard Jr
Posted Friday, September 10, 2004

You can learn many different ways to promote a product or service using the internet if you read home business websites or ezines. Many of these methods will work to promote a website online. But the results of each tactic will vary greatly. Some may give you an instant shot of targeted traffic, some will produce a smaller but steady stream. You will find that most results are more like the steady stream, and a few methods will produce that instant surge.

The most important thing to learn regarding website promotion is that no one method will make your product successful. Promoting a product using 10, 15 or even 25 different tactics is the magic formula to turning your product into an online success.

Web promotion consists of many tasks, only the first of which being traditional advertising. Most of these tasks will be more time consuming to apply than running ads would, but the investment of time will pay off greatly down the road.

Understand that website promotion is a step-by-step process. Each method, once set up, will continue to promote your website 24/7 with minimal maintenance. Figure out one tactic and apply it, then go on the next tactic. The combination of all these web promotion ideas working as one is a powerful and effective way to make online sales for any product or service, even for an entire company.

The best part about learning website promotion is that you will be able to apply the formula to any product, online or offline. Ever thought of doing marketing consulting to offline businesses? Once you take the time to learn effective web promotion, you will be able to promote any business, and get paid for doing so. Of course, you'll be able to copy the successful formula for each of your own products and websites and make each one a hit online.

The methods are generally not difficult to apply. The power in these tactics lies with having many small promotion machines working for you all at the same time. This may seem like a lot, but I assure you that you can handle it. It only takes the commitment of time and effort to make your website promotion machine a reality.

The rest is up to you. You have to make the commitment. You have to invest the time. You have to set the goals and see them out to completion. Then, you will see results from your efforts. Now it's time to start your next promotion project, and do it all over again. Now it will be easy for you. With experience you can become a web promotion expert.


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