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Your Freebie, Giving Away FREE with no strings

By Jim Daniels
Posted Wednesday, August 25, 2004

In order to make money online, there is one thing you absolutely MUST do. You must motivate people to read what you have to say. Whether it is your email message or your web pages, if they don't read it, you don't make money.

There are lots of ways to accomplish this and I've tried quite a few.

Among all the methods I've tried, one stands head and shoulders above the rest...

It's called "Giving something of value away for free."

Here's a perfect example of this in action:

When you saw the title of this article, were you curious as to what the "freebie" was?

Did it give you that extra incentive to investigate a little further? Hey, you've read this far haven't you? It must have been somewhat effective.

Well, rest assured, this web page does include a special freebie for you. Unlike most articles at my site, the article itself is not the only freebie. I'll get to your freebie in a minute though. First I want to elaborate a bit on this marketing ploy called the freebie.

How many times have you tried a free magazine subscription? How about a free month of internet service? Ever receive a free laundry detergent sample in the mail?

If you didn't answer yes to at least one of the questions above, I'd be very surprised.

You see, these big companies know the power of "free". Do you think they would go around giving their stuff away for free if it didn't pay off in the long run?

Hey, even if you never subscribe to that magazine, sign on with that ISP, or buy that brand of detergent, these companies have accomplished an objective. You have tried their product and heard their name. Perhaps you even were impressed by the fact that they gave you something for free.

The bottom line is that "free" works in marketing, especially on the Internet.

Now, of course you can't go around giving everything away for free. However you can and should be giving away something! Of course it has to be something of value.

Whether it is a free subscription to your email newsletter, a free software program, or something else of value, if you give it away for free (with no strings!) people will remember you.

Okay, now I'll practice what I preach. Here is your freebie, just for reading this article...

I have something very special for you today. I just finished a new e-book. It is designed for newcomers to internet business. I have no plans to sell it. Instead, I will be giving it away for free. (I had second thoughts after I was done - it came out better than I expected!)

Anyway, I just uploaded it to my site and the link is below.

One note before you download it though...

This e-book is a bit unusual. There's a special twist to this e-book. So that I may help you with your own "freebie" strategy, I have written it in a somewhat "anonymous" fashion. I did this for two reasons...

1. I did not want the book to look like blatant self-promotion - it really is a completely free e-book with no strings.

2. I figured if I wrote it in this fashion, other webmasters may be interested in giving it away at their site. (It reads like it could be from any successful webmaster.) My only benefit from this would be a few links within the book that point to my articles. These active links are just a few among dozens of excellent resources.

Okay, click here if you wish to see this book and download it..

Remember, if you like it, feel free to re-distribute it. I think you'll find it makes an excellent free gift. And you may be pleasantly surprised how many people will remember you for your freebie!

Happy marketing, Jim Daniels

About the Author
* Article by Jim Daniels of JDD Publishing. Jim's site has helped 1000's of regular folks profit online. Visit ( for FREE "how-to" cybermarketing assistance, software, manuals, web services and more. No time to visit the site? Subscribe to their Free, weekly BizWeb E-Gazette:


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