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10 Classic Ways To Successfully Use Autoresponders

By Ken Hill
Posted Sunday, November 21, 2004

1. Use your autoresponders to conduct simple polls.

Your polls can give you valuable information that you can use to make your ezine, site or product better. They can also help you to make decisions concerning making changes to your product, site, or ezine.

You can also make your ezine more interactive by running a poll in each issue and then publishing the results in the following issue.

Using polls in this way will help you to increase your readership as your readers will be interested in seeing the results of the polls you've run.

2. Use your autoresponder to deliver an email course that shares with your visitors the benefits of owning your product.

To create your course, you could use your articles as the main content of your course or you could use them as a guide to making your course.

You could also use questions you get from your visitors and customers to write a course that your visitors would be interested in and that increases your sales.

3. Make a multipart report available by autoresponder that delivers extracts of your informational product.

Your multipart report will lead to more sales of your product as it allows your visitors to try out your product before they buy it.

To make up your multipart report you could use excerpts from a single chapter of your informational product or you could string together excerpts from several different chapters to create your report.

4. Use your autoresponders to deliver training courses.

For instance, you could offer your new affiliates a generic email training course that shows them how to make money promoting affiliate programs.

Your course would not only encourage more people to join your affiliate program but would also increase your profit by elevating the number of your affiliates that effectively promote your products to their visitors or subscribers.

5. Use your autoresponders to publish an ezine.

Autoresponders with a broadcast feature will handle your subscribe and unsubscribe requests, and provide you with an easy way to send out your issues to people that join your list.

Concentrate on making your ezine a valuable source of information for your subscribers. Also add your personality to your ezine by writing articles, adding an editors section, or by giving your views on subjects of interest to your readers.

6. Use your autoresponders to deliver a "rate card" for advertising on your website, or for purchasing advertising in your ezine.

7. Use your autoresponders to deliver sample issues of your ezine.

Providing a sample issue is a simple and effective way to increase your subscriptions by showing your visitors what your ezine is all about.

Your sample issues can also increase the sign ups you get from ezine directories that allow you to submit a sample issue for their visitors to receive by autoresponder.

8. Use autoresponders to create a list that announces when you've written a new article or articles for publication.

Your list will increase the number of ezine publishers and webmasters that publish your articles, and can also help you to increase sign ups to your affiliate program if you let your affiliates use your articles as a promotional tool.

9. Use your autoresponders to announce when your directory is updated.

For instance you could create a list that announces when your article directory is updated with new articles.

You could list the titles of the articles submitted to your site along with the URL where they can be viewed.

Creating a list like this will build up repeat traffic to your site giving you an excellent way to achieve more sales of your products.

10. Use your autoresponders to send out an "evergreen" newsletter.

"Evergreen" newsletters have all their issues already completed. Each new subscriber gets the same first issue, second issue, third issue, etc.,

Publishing an "evergreen" newsletter is a good choice for people that don't have the time to publish an ezine on a regular basis, but that would still like to reap some of the benefits of publishing an ezine.

Publishing your "evergreen" newsletter can be as simple as sending out a valuable tip every week that targets your niche audience such as an informative weekly writing tip if you sold a product aimed at writers.

Keep in mind that your "evergreen" newsletter should not be on a topic where the information you provide your readers could become outdated. Choose a subject where the information you provide your subscribers will continue to be relevant for a long period of time.

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