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"10 Quick Article Ideas Readers Will Love"

By Jessica Albon
Posted Saturday, October 23, 2004

What if you can't think of anything to write about for your ezine? Here are ten popular picks for articles that'll get your creative juices flowing. You sit down to write the first article for your third issue. That's when it hits you. There's nothing left to write about!

At The Write Exposure, we get lots of panicked calls from clients saying, "I've run out of article ideas!" What we've found is that seldom has our client actually run out of topics, rather they've covered all the topics that came most easily to mind and now are overwhelmed with the possibilities.

It's a little like being told to write a poem. Any poem. Limerick, haiku, whatever you feel like. It's a bit overwhelming, isn't it? That's why we suggest you brainstorm topics within these categories.

So, the next time you think you've run out of article ideas, why not brainstorm all of the customer successes you could write about? Some of the most popular newsletter article categories are:

Customer successes. Has a customer used your product to produce an amazing result? Do you have a customer with a recent success your other customers could learn from? Whether it directly relates to your product or not, success is always newsworthy.

Customer complaints. Receive a couple similar complaints lately? Address them in your newsletter (be sure to point out how you've responded and fixed the problem). By addressing complaints in print, you prove your company is trustworthy and always improving.

New products or services. Customers love the word new. So, if you have a new product or service, don't hold back (just make sure it's really new!).

Frequently asked questions. In fact, you may want to run a regular Q & A column in each edition of your newsletter.

How-tos are must-reads. Is there something you can do to explain the steps pertaining to your product or service. What can customers do with your product or service?

Coupons and special offers. Always include incentives for being a newsletter reader. Show readers why they should come in with special offers.

New customer welcomes. By welcoming new customers, you show readers your business is growing. Also, new customers who are recognized feel like they've made a good decision in choosing your business.

Profile an employee. Newsletters are fabulous internal morale boosters, plus customers will appreciate getting to know someone they're dealing with (or who operates behind the scenes).

Special events. Special events are great for content both before and after. Make sure to include plenty of photos and quotes in the piece written after the event.

Before and after. Makeovers are always popular, whether you make over people or houses or closets. Pictures make these pieces especially effective, so get out the camera.

By deciding to write a specific type of article, you should find yourself back on track and full of ideas once again. Happy writing!

About the Author
At The Write Exposure, Jessica Albon helps companies attract and retain customers with powerful newsletters. At ( they reveal the secrets behind newsletter success.


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