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3 Free Tools to Explode Your Website Traffic While You Sleep

By Ron McCluskey
Posted Friday, October 29, 2004

Description of three free and easy tools to help make your traffic generation program easy. If you are like me, you have traditionally had problems with getting the attention of the surfing public. No matter how much you try, people just seem to be looking everywhere else besides your website. Well, here are three tools that will multiply your website traffic in a hurry.

EXITBLAZE The first tool is perfect for any website and will create a popup on exit displaying a webpage of someone else who has joined the program. The advantage is that your page will be cued to be shown on other websites with a similar theme. That way you have a good chance of having someone interested in what you have to show. The signup process is simple and a small piece of html code is automatically generated to be placed on your website. You can add it to as many webpages as you like to increase the number of times your website will be seen elsewhere. You can have any page on your website shown to others as their entry page. Bob Bly, author of "Complete Idiots Guide to Direct Marketing" calls it: "The hands-down best way to get traffic to your site ever created. Period."What is it? Click here to find out: (

FREE LEAD GENERATION The next 2 tools are designed to flood your newsletter subscription in box. I have easily tripled the number of subscribers since using these 2 programs. The first one is very unique because you actually get more exposure than you produce! This program shows a newsletter signup form or a pop up on your website. There are paid ads for 2 newsletters and 5 or 6 others. Each time you show this on your website, you get FOUR credits! So, for each view on your site, you get 4 views of your advertisement on websites with similar themes. These are highly targeted opt ins. Check it out here: (

SUBSCRIPTION ROCKET The final program is similar to the last one, but it will only show up as a pop up. You will be able to place a small advertisement that will be automatically added to a pop up shown on your site and other targeted websites. Between this program and the last one, you will soon have more subscribers than you ever imagined. Get the details on how this system can start working for you in less than five minutes. (

Check out how they look in action now at (

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About the Author

Ron McCluskey has been publishing online content since 1985 when he ran a BBS on an old Apple IIe and a 300 baud modem. He is now helping new marketers get up and running as well as keeping the rest on the cutting edge.


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