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3 Steps To Skyrocket Your Sales Like A Fire Cracker

By Shahnaz Rauf
Posted Friday, November 5, 2004

Crash! your half filled coffee cup shatters the silence splitting into smithereens and splattering the still hot coffee in all directions. You sit up straight ignoring the spilled cup, ignoring the coffee stain soaking into your carpet, with your heart racing and a slight tremor in your hand, you quickly type in your passwords to log in to your web account. Thank goodness your web host enables raw statistics, you will soon catch the cheating thieves. What! 10,000 visitors and not one sale... Not one measly sale. What’s incredible... no one even signed up to your mailing list! That`s not possible! Didn`t you use that excellent sales letter software.

Yes your sales letter is just perfect and your headline is a hypnotic beauty... you have gone to great lengths to provide top rated testimonials, the sense of deadly urgency, the free gifts are all there... yes your sales letter is perfect, yet no sales! Hold on... Did you design your sales page to deliver the `most wanted response` dictated by your traffics psychological mind set? What`s that?

Consider where will you get your site traffic from:

From ezine/ email advertising – This is usually very highly targeted traffic. The people coming to your site already know what to expect and are looking forward to it. Here your regular sales letter will work well.

From search engines – This traffic is more complex. People are coming to your site looking for information in response to certain search terms. Your `killer sales letter` may not be sufficient – you need to be able to satisfy their thirst for information. Thus more informative and bigger sites work well instead of `killer mini sites`.

From other sites linking to you- This again is very highly targeted traffic. The important point here is why is this site linking to you... is it because of your ebook or newsletter listings, your article or classified ad etc.

Here the response is usually dependant on the link through which the visitor arrived – his mind is already made up as to the action to be taken on your site – such as download your ebook, join your mailing list, read your articles etc.

Guaranteed hits from Lotto or other gaming sites – Here you have only a few seconds to capture your visitors attention, the visitors are coming with a need to `win some fabulous prize` – Hence the regular sales letter does not usually work, Nor will you get any commendable signups to your mailing list. Thus you need to give them what they want: Some irresistible viral gift.

Guaranteed hits from traffic exchanges – Here You have less than 30 seconds to capture interest. The regular sales letter does not work very well unless if you are advertising other free traffic/ advertising program. Also most surfers are surfing several exchanges at the same time and usually do so in the night or early morning – they are just clicking away robotically or like a zombie, with their minds befogged or numbed with sleep and not more than a passing glance to your incredible headline.

Here you need a `six pack` to jolt/electrify them and make them look at your sales page with their hearts racing wildly and a mad gush of adrenaline. Thus based on the psychological mindset of your traffic you need to determine your Most Wanted Response: What will work best: sales, signup to your mailing list or a free viral give away. You are now ready to write your headlines and sales letter.

Here`s a recap:

1.Determine the psychological make up of your traffic.

2. Establish your most wanted response

3. Write up your sales pitch to deliver your most wanted response.

If you follow the above technique your websites visitor to sales conversion ratio is not only going to jump but will skyrocket like a fire cracker and you will laugh your way to the bank.

About the Author

Shahnaz Rauf is The Editor of The Monster Twister– a Newsletter helping ordinary web owners achieve extraordinary heights without losing their shirts. To Subscribe Or visit her website at (


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