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3 Yahoo! Submission Tips You Haven't Heard

By Chrisi Darrington
Posted Friday, October 22, 2004

Tip 1 Do Not Over Sumit Your Site

Yahoo! editors consider it spam when you submit your web site over and over again without due cause. What's due cause? Submit your site once, if it's not listed in three weeks, submit again, if it's still not listed do not submit again. Read the following example email and request help from Yahoo! support. Taking this route will help you avoid being banned because of spamming.

Support email address (only use this if you qualify to do so. Do NOT abuse this support address or you will pay a high penalty... as in they will ban you forever.)

Support email address:

Dear Yahoo! Support,

I have submitted my web site twice to your directory as of ______(put the starting date in that blank spot) Is it possible that I need to make some changes before I qualify to be listed in your directory? My web site address is: ____(put your URL in that spot)

I realize that it's also possible that with all the submissions you may have missed my submission. I submitted my site on two separate occasions, _____ and _____ (place the dates there) I believe I have a professional web site that is of high quality and interest. (If your web site has won any awards or you have any testimonials from pleased visitors, mention this as well.) My web site continues to receive high praise from many of my visitors. I've also won a "Hot Site" and "Best of the Best" award. (Or... I've won several awards)

I would very much appreciate it if you would consider my site, _____(place your site title there) in the most sought after directory online. Please let me know if I need to resubmit my site and if there are any corrections or suggestions you may have.

My email address is_____ and I am most happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I value your input and look forward to any comments you may have.

My sincere gratitude,

Reword this example so that Yahoo! doesn't get suspicious when they receive multiple inquiries with the exact same wording.

Tip 2 Color Choice IS Important

With all the tips I've run across regarding Yahoo! submissions, I've never seen any touch on the elements of the color. If you want to know what the richest Entrepreneurs on the web think about color and text, here's what they suggest, and I agree.

Black on white text is the best way to present your content. Lose the colorful or worse, the printed backgrounds under your text. Color should be used to accent your website in the side bars and so forth.

Never use more than 3 color combinations, this doesn't include black or white. Two colors are better. Make sure these colors complement one another and the linked text does not reach out and pluck your eye balls out of their sockets. If you're a bit color blind, have a friend help you out.

The truth is, a more professional looking web site will increase your opportunity to be listed.

Tip 3 Avoid The Newbie Look

One of the most amateurish things you can do is center everything or place large areas of bold text content on your website. This includes using a large font that appears to be bold text.

Center headlines and sub headings. Center small sentences of text for grabbing attention. Left justify the rest of your content.

Only use larger fonts for headlines and sub headings. Do not use a font that is so large it takes up a third of your page. Use bold for highlighting important key thoughts (phrases, not entire paragraphs)and keywords. Use bold for headlines and sub headings.

I leave you with these concluding thoughts.

Follow the instructions that has provided. You'll find them located here: (

Create a unique and valuable web site with a professional overtone. Animated banners and buttons are distracting. Avoid too many on any one page, or avoid them altogether. Check your site for grammar and spelling errors. Have a friend look it over for errors as well.

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