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4 Articles = 2 Bestsellers For 2 Years

By Wayne Perkins
Posted Wednesday, October 13, 2004

How many times have you groaned when you heard you need to publish articles in order to sell products on the Internet?

Do you really believe that writing articles will produce results?

A couple of years ago, after I published my fourth Rocketedition (now Gemstar) e-book, I was scratching my head thinking how am I going to market this these e-books? Nobody I know owns a dedicated e-book- reading device.

I found a website called the Rocket-Library where I could post sample chapters, articles or complete e-books, offering the information for free. (Note: it is now defunct)

Since the only way the information could be read was on a Rocketbook e-book reader, I felt this marketing strategy would present sales.

3 months after posting a total of 4 articles: 2 for "A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-publishing E-books" and 2 for "How to Hypnotize People and Other Living Things, " I started getting incredible results.

"A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-publishing E-books" became the number one best-selling non-fiction e-book on Barnes &

Now it competes against print and is in the top 10 best selling "self- publishing" books sold on Barnes &

"How to Hypnotize People and Other Living Things" has stayed up in the top 5 hypnotism book rankings on Barnes &, competing against print for almost two years. It competes against 706 print titles in that category.

The only marketing I ever employed for these two titles was spending a total of 4 hours at a keyboard hammering out 4 articles.

Over the last year I have been side tracked but in the last month I have submitted over 100 articles, (2 articles X 50 e-zines). I have had amazing results.

I have sold other e-books and sold reprint-resale rights to my e- books, booked a couple of speaking engagements, and sold my consulting services by phone and e-mail.

In addition I have had around 20 articles actually published in other's e-zines and newsletters which may present business opportunities for another 2 years.

It seems everyone is interested in a "cheaper and easier" way of getting Internet sales results.

Writing articles for other people's e-zines and newsletter is the way to do it.

When you write for your own e-zine, you are a promoter.

When you write for somebody else's e-zine you are an expert!

Action Plan:

Here is an e-zine action plan guaranteed to offer you any of the following results:

1. The plan will make you popular.

2. The plan will make you money.

3. The plan will make you popular and make you money.

Let the Plan Begin.

Goal: Your goal is to make a total 10 article submissions per day, every day. If you miss a day catch up on the weekend.

Where do I find all of these e-zines and newsletters I can submit my articles?

Here is my cheap and easy guide to submitting e-zine articles.

Step 1

Go to the search engine AltaVista at:


Step 2. Think big, very, very big. Since you are not "paying" for advertising, you can forget about all of the target marketing you learned in the non-internet world.

For example, if you write e-books or sell products related to "weight," instead of using "weight" as a keyword to search, pick a word like "health."

Let the most popular websites on the Internet do the target marketing for you.

In the empty search box on AltaVista, type in the word.... health.

Step 3 Click on "search" and around 56 million pages will be found by AltaVista.

Step 4. Here is your million-dollar tip. In the "search for box" substitute two words for health.

The two words are...submit article.

Under the "search for box" there will be a little square box that reads, "Search within these results"

Click on that box and then click on the "Search" button.

Step 5. You will get a new search result netting over 14,000 pages that are displaying where to submit articles in the "health" category.

Of course after you are finished submitting to over 14,000 websites and e-zines you may want to search on "weight" and complete the same process.


Publish your articles in other's e-zines and newsletters. Maybe you too will be able to publish two best sellers for two years or be the top marketer with your products with only 4 articles.

About the Author
Wayne Perkins is the best-selling author of "A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-publishing E-books." Wayne presents free teleseminars for Internet marketers, speakers and authors. Information about " Write and Sell Your First E-book ' is listed below: (


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