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"5 Killer Linking Tactics To...Turbo-charge Your Website With Free Traffic!"

By Ewen Chia
Posted Monday, October 18, 2004

Want to create a flood of free traffic to your website FAST?

Good News! You can learn the exact tactics I used to catapult my website from an Alexa ranking of 2,485,236 to 167,826 (as at January 2003) - in less than 3 months!

Follow these tactics and you will be blasting your website url everywhere, especially on other high traffic sites that matter.

Commonly known as 'linking', this method can be a powerful traffic tool if utilised correctly. Turbocharge your website traffic easily using SMART linking strategies you will discover below.

Check out these 5 killer linking tactics you can use immediately for maximum impact!

= Make Use Of The Search Engines =

A neat reciprocal linking technique I use to increase my own website's search engine ranking.

With this, you can effectively 'piggy back' on your competitors' ranking and traffic!

Just go to the major search engines like ( and type in your own website's main keywords. With the results, contact the top 50 or so ranked websites asking for reciprocal links.

Most of them will be willing to exchange links with you as it also improve their own ranking and traffic.

The beauty of this technique - you get to 'plant' your own website url on your competitors' websites! And remember, these are established, highly-ranked competitors.

Having your link on the websites of your competitors can massively improve your link popularity and bring targeted traffic to you. What a way to improve your website's search engine rankings fast!

Using the above strategy, I managed to rank my website ( higher on Google for the super competitive keyword "Make Money".

Ranking # 58 out of 6,910,000 websites for "Make Money", I expect to better this result soon! (as at 8 January 2003)

The above tactic works. But note that other aspects of search engine optimization must be taken into consideration. This includes having good meta tags and content, for instance.

= Make Use Of Articles =

This amazing viral tactic produces powerful results.

Write regular articles or tips and submit them to article listing directories. Get them published in other ezines. Get them posted on other websites. Get them everywhere!

Your articles always contain your website url in their 'resource box'. So with them listed on high traffic directories, they can help you ranked better in the search engines too.

Similarly, thousands of ezine publishers hungry for content may select your articles for publication in their ezines, or posting on their own sites. Your articles can spread virally this way, through your single action of posting to the directories!

For example, have a look at my recent article, posted on just such a listing directory -


To really fly with this technique, writing enticing, good quality articles is a must. To get guaranteed free traffic from this area, Check out Jim Edwards' fool-proof guide at (

Plus some of the major directories to submit your articles to -

( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
( ( ( ( (

= Make Use Of The Forums = Search the engines for forums related to your business' targeted markets. Join these forums and participate actively!

Most discussion forums allow you to include your signature file with your posting. In your signature file, you should add your url with the prefix '(http://)'. For example, I may list mine as -

Ewen Chia
Web Marketing Secrets EXPOSED! (

Everytime you post, you get your url published in the forums. Besides attracting fellow participants to your website, your posts get archived AND indexed by the search engines!

This site has a list of the major forums dedicated to different categories from internet marketing to general business. Check out this valuable resource -

( So the truth is, you drive more traffic to your website everytime you participate in the forums. What fun!

= Make Use Of Testimonials =

Another great technique to get your url on other websites comes from giving honest feedback and testimonials.

Whenever you have a positive experience with a product or service, voice your thoughts! Write an email to the webmaster and tell them how much you enjoy using their products. Tell them to publish your feedback as a testimonial on their websites.

All webmasters value testimonials as it adds credibility and enhance their product or service. More often than not, they would not hesitate to post your testimonial on their sites. All you've to do is request that a link back to your website be included!

= Make Use Of The Right Tools =

With many softwares and tools available to enhance your linking strategy, it's to your advantage to use them.

'Zeus - Internet Marketing Robot' from (http://www.Cyber- comes recommended as THE software to use. Once set up,'Zeus' searches the internet for specific reciprocal linking partners relevant to your website, in less time it takes to eat your dinner!

How about link exchanges? Join them if you want to find huge pools of ready webmasters for link exchanges. Read - a must!

Two great link exchanges to join -

( (

Or check the search engines for many other link exchanges.

Together now, say....

"We must link, we must link..." As an internet marketing tool, Linking WORKS bigtime and will pay off any effort you put in exponentially.

With this guide, you get a proven formula to do it well.

Trade as many important links as you can, to turbocharge your website fact, I CHALLENGE you to trade links with me now at (!

See you at the top.

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