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7 Techniques For Increasing Your Sales Letter's Response Fast!

By Grady Smith
Posted Wednesday, October 27, 2004

7 effective techniques you can use in existing sales letters or as you create new ones that will increase your response....

1) Use The Stunning “Avalanche Iceman Technique” When Creating Headlines!

Using this three step technique you can instantly increase the readability and response for your sales letter. Here’s how…

Simply pick the biggest benefit your product has to offer and make a promise to deliver. For instance….

“Write Headlines Guaranteed To Double Your Sales Letter’s Response”

Then, take that promise of benefit, and transform it into a statement that builds curiosity…

““Write Headlines Guaranteed To Double Your Sales Letter’s Response Using A Simple Technique Famously Dubbed ‘The Avalanche Iceman Technique’ By Those Brave Enough To Use It!”

Why do people have to be brave to use this technique? Why is it called the “Avalanche Headline Technique”? You’d have to read the rest of the sales letter to get your answer.

2) Hook Them By Promising To Reveal Specific Information They Desperately Want!

If you know who you’re selling to (and you must), then it’s easy to keep them reading by hinting at information they want, and promising to reveal it later inside of your sales letter.

3) Sell Them On The Dream Your Product Offers

Aside from the main benefit owners of your product will get, what’s the underlying reason they really want it?

Do they want your book on starting a home business because they want to work from home? Or is it that they want to sleep in late, never answer to a boss again, and have bragging rights that they really do call all the shots in their life?

Show them the “between the lines” benefits of what your product will do for them, and help them imagine themselves enjoying it.

4) Test New Ways To Make Them Order Immediately

Most of us have become accustomed to reading statements like, “Hurry, the price might change tomorrow”. And over time, these statements don’t really pull the same weight as they used to.

While it’s essential to use a strong reason for the prospect to order immediately, it’s just as important to design a new reason for them to do so. Try a new approach to an old standard. Give them reasons why the price may change or why supplies are limited.

But most of all, make sure your reason for asking them to place an order immediately is believable.

5) Be A “Real” Person In Your Sales Letter

People are much more likely to buy from a friend as opposed to an overbearing “in your face” salesman. But since we aren’t on a personal level with most reading our sales letters, it’s important to let them know who you are and make them comfortable with you as a person.


By showing them your dreams, desires, likes and dislikes. While the majority of your letter should be about the prospect you’re writing to, let yourself come through every once and again.

6) Write A Guarantee That Covers Every Single Benefit

Satisfaction guarantees work great, but there’s much more you’re promising to your prospect when they order your product.

So explain in great detail what they’re going to get -- and guarantee it. Every little benefit can be placed under your money back guarantee, and you should see an instant jump in sales without the higher volume of returns like you might expect.

7) Explain How Your Product Is Different

No need to slam your competition here. But do explain why someone would want your product instead of those your competitors offer.

How are you different? What benefit does your product offer that they won’t find anywhere else? Tell them … and they’ll choose your product over your competitors, no matter how fierce the competition.

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